How To Make Money With AI


We Will Help Guide You On How You Can Make Money In These Modern Times With The Use Of AI

Before you get all sceptical, no, this article is not click bait or some scheme to take money off of you. We really are giving you advice on how you, yes you can make money online with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s no big secret that AI is taking the world by storm. What with the introduction of ChatBots like ChatGPT and AI generative Art using tools like Midjourney and stable diffusion causing a huge stir online. these are some of the top names we will be discussing in this article and showing you how you can also make money with AI using powerful tools that are readily available for you to use.

If you have been part of any social media spaces over the past few months, you may be quite familiar with dozens of videos on showing you how to make money with AI some examples are: “How I made a business with ChatGPT” “How AI made millions through trading” “How I sold my first art collection created with AI” not to mention all of the AI generated art NFT Scams circulating the internet. Well here at So Artificial we aim to cut through all the nonsense like a theroetical light saber. We will share with you a brief introduction on how you can make money with AI. This requires no investment all you need is an internet connection, a mobile phone for verifications and an email address. If you have a powerful PC you might even be able to earn more!

Learn how to make money with the use of AI
Learn how to make money with the use of AI

It’s not hard to make money with AI all you need is the know how, some creativity and of course a stable internet connection.


There Must Be Some Kind Of Catch

Always is right? Well we created this article to advertise our website to a wide range of users. That’s the catch. We actively want people to visit our website, so In turn we are offering this gem of information. That’s the catch. ^_^

As we have said before, we assume since you are reading this article you have access to an internet connection. Sure it might not be yours, it might be someone else’s or you might be reading this from a public library. That’s ok, as long as you have an internet connection you have access to you can sure as hell make money with AI. Here is a list of what you will need before we begin:

Essentials (must have):

  • Acess to a stable internet connection
  • A Valid Email Address you can access
  • A Mobile Phone for account verification

Optionals (not needed but can help with earning potential):

A PC with an NVIDIA Graphics Card that has at least 8GB of VRAM (the higher the VRAM the better) like the GeforcE 4060 / 4070 or 4090 and around 16gb of Ram for speed of use.

Yes, that really is all you require to start making money online with Artificial Intelligence. So if you have ticked all of the main points, great we can begin.

Please note: all of these guides provided on this article are for people completely new to making money online with AI. We will of course create more in depth articles as time goes on and more method become apparent. If you are currently reading about AI or working around AI you may have read some of these helpful tips before. Please keep an eye out for any upcoming articles we might publish in the near future.

How to Make Money With ChatGPT

Chat GPT is ran on large servers
ChatGPT is ran on servers, monetize on that!

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and if litereally have had to be living under a rock to have never have heard about it before. But if you literally crawled out form under that rock today and this is the first time you are hearing about it, well then let us explain. ChatGPT is the most advanced LLM (Lanugage learning model) on the market right now. With over 8 billion parameters it can handle complex questions and give complex responses on a wide range of subjects. It’s important to note this is not AGI this is a system that has been created to try to give human response to subjects that is all. Sure it might come across as sentient at times but it is not, this is not the end of days.

ChatGPT makes it possible for you to pull up large amounts of information in a matter of seconds making it great for obtaining data and information. However one draw back is that the data can be old or in some cases wrong, so you may need to double check any factual infomation you might fine. So you might be asking, well how do I make money from ChatGPT if it’s just a chat bot.

ChatGPT is More Than Just A Chat Bot

In order to make money with ChatGPT you really need to think outside the box. ChatGPT is capable of many things. It can create programs, create images with dalle, write articles, pass exams and even give complex responses to any question you submit. This gives users a list of endless possibilities on how they can monetize this platform.

The main issue people have is coming up with an inital idea. This can be quite hard when you are constantly flooded with 100’s of ways others are making money with this piece of AI. So let’s keep things simple, let’s go with the basic way to handle chatGPT. For beginners getting used to ChatGPT we are going to suggest Article writing and of course content creation.

Content Creation and Article Writing with ChatGPT

You should basically use ChatGPT as a so called personal assistant. It can perform a wide range of tasks, provide tables, data, format, give you writing examples and even write an article in a certain way. This bit of technology should be used to your advantage. Think of it this way if you were creating content on a mass scale you might outsource writers for your content (PA ChatGPT).

Now of course it’s not a simple as open up ChatGPT ask it something and copy and paste it’s reponse and start making money. No, no, no that would be bad, a bad use of AI. We want to use AI as a tool, do not make this process automate let it help you grow and aid you to become a write/content creator. Before we can we will need to sign up to chatGPT.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to ChatGPT so We can Start Making Some Hard Cash ^-^

Ok that heading might have been a little bit click baity. Well, we do however need you to head over to OpenAI’s website and create an account. Please note we are not over complicating this process, you will be using ChatGPT’s free version and not using their API for now. Of course if you want to you can invest in their paid version that will allow you to use chatGPT when the network is busy among other perks. But for someone starting out, it is not needed. Also there has been talks about a free ChatGPT you can use on github. But let’s keep that our little secret.

Anyways on with the show. Head over to OpenAI’s website and create an account. Sign up with a gmail account if you want to sign in via google, ensure you have your phone ready for verification. Once you have singed up remember to come back here for the rest of the article.

If you are having problems signing up to ChatGPT you might be best looking into a VPN service. The VPN will allow you to connect to the OPEN AI servers through a different location. Some countries are blacklisted from using ChatGPT but if you open up a VPN and change your IP to the United States of America you should be fine using this service. You can find cheap VPN services online as well as it is provided with some antivirus packages like Norton 360 for gamers or their premium versions.

Now You are a Member Let’s Start Creating Content

When we use AI to create content we want to be careful especially if we want our content to rank on search engines (This is how we want to make our money). We don’t want our content to flagged as duplicate content or low quality content. Google is cracking down on AI written content when it is written in a poor way. So the best way to do this is by being creative with the use of AI.

If you want to learn all about creating your own blog from start to finish you can check out this guide here: Make Money Online with Ghost – Blogging and Monetization – A Complete Beginners Guide 2023

Find a Niche you are interested in

This is quite important as it helps to fend off boredom. If you hate shoes and start writing about shoes day in day out, well you will soon get bored and drop the site. This is something you do not want to do. Our website So Artificial started off as a niche idea and has grown everyday since then.

So sit there in your spare time and have a good long think about what you are interested and what you like. Once you find out something you like then think do I want to write about this content all the time? If the answer is yes, well then go to wordpress or blogger and create a free blog!

Once you have created your blog and learned the basics of creating posts, well then it’s now time to create content.

Don’t Create Poor Content

In order for us to be successful as writers/bloggers we need to ensure our content is of high quality. So just copy and pasting information from ChatGPT might leave you with egg on your face when google comes around to check it out.

Here is an example of poor content. We went over to ChatGPT and just typed “Write an article on motorsports for me”. Random, we know its just the first thing that popped into our heads. ChatGPT then created an article with just under 500 words. So what’s wrong with this image below? Can you see it

Make money with AI content creation
poor example of an article written with ChatGPT

For one the article is far too short for a blog / website. The golden number we want to aim for is over 2000 words. We also want structure, keywords, headings, links both on site and off site. ChatGPT does not do this very well. Also it literally spits out what you ask it to. So in this case it’s not very specific it’s just a little vague. There is also very little uses of synonyms and it reads terribly.

We can run this through an AI detection service to see how obvious that this piece was written by AI. As you can see from the picture below it speaks volumes of how obvious this content is.

Don't fall for ai written content
AI Detection is getting better

So because of this, this is something we don’t want to see. So it is always best to double check your content is not being flagged as created by AI. Even if you own style of writing is a tad robotic. If you want to check your own content you can find the link here.

How Do We Avoid AI written Content

Well the best way to avoid this is to not use AI to create content. But since we want to use AI to help aid us we are going to be a bit more creative with our prompts. We also showed users on how to detect AI content which might help you avoid it.

For example: “Write me an in depth article on Motorsports, but can you break it down into bullet points. Make it sound exciting” – You can also ask ChatGPT to reply like they are a doctor or profesional in the field, which will also give different response.

The above example will give you a list of bullet points to break down your article. You can ask ChatGPT to elaborate on subject matter or even do a bit of reading up yourself. What is more important is that you write the article yourself. So even if ChatGPT was to create a full 2000 word article for you, you should re-read the article, break it up into points and write it up yourself. It’s like the old days of content writing, without the need to read through mountains of articles or books.

As always though please do ensure that you double check any facts. You don’t want your site to be full of misleading information.

Endless Possibilities to Earn Money with ChatGPT

Above is just an example of how you can harness the information ChatGPT shares with you to earn a potential income. You might want to play around with the results this piece of software is sharing with you.

For more advanced uses of ChatGPT you will want to look at their API. You can call it direct and implement it into your own programs. ChatGPT is being incorporated into a wide range of web apps. So if you know a bit of coding you might be able to create your own web app or perhaps just ask ChatGPT to write it for you. Good luck and remember to keep an eye out for any new guides we share on how to make money with Chat GPT.

How to Make Money with AI Generative Art Stable Diffusion

There are 100’s of AI Generative tools on the internet right now, it’s becoming quite difficult to choose one as there are so many. Because here we have so much experience with stable diffusion we are going to mainly speak about that. There are other services available but if you have a powerful enough computer you can actually run stable diffusion on your home pc.

If not you can have a look at Midjourney, dalle (bing image creator) and even dreamstudio which is the online version of Stable diffusion. Please note you might only be able to use these on a trail basis and if you wish to use them for longer you may need to pay a subscription service.

But How Can We Make Money With Stable Diffusion

Well that’s the million dollar question right, good thing we know the answer. Through product placement. Yes that’s right! Stable diffusion allows you to create a wide range of images. These can be for picture, artwork, company logos and of course the dreaded NFT collections.

With the art out create you can sell these on products, t-shirts, websites or even through websites like etsy, ebay or even fiverr. The possibilities are endless.

But What is Stable Diffusion and Generative ART

I guess we were a little ahead of ourselves. Stable Diffusion is an exciting and increasingly popular AI generative art tool it takes simple (or complex if you would like) text prompts and creates incredible images from large datasets. Basically a large database of images are used to create the images you see on the screen.

You can run stable diffusion locally on mac, on a windows machine or via dreamstudio. One of the benefits of using stable diffusion is to get inspiration to create other things. So if you want to make money with AI it’s a good place to start, especially if your dry when it comes to new ideas.

We are going to give you some quick example of art created with stable diffusion and the prompts used to create it this is the form of a person.

Create stunning images to sell with stable diffusion
An example of stable diffusion creating an image of a woman

professional portrait photograph of a gorgeous Norwegian girl in winter clothing with long wavy blonde hair, ((sultry flirty look)), freckles, beautiful symmetrical face, cute natural makeup, ((standing outside in snowy city street)), stunning modern urban upscale environment, ultra realistic, concept art, elegant, highly detailed, intricate, sharp focus, depth of field, f/1. 8, 85mm, medium shot, mid shot, (centered image composition), (professionally color graded), ((bright soft diffused light)), volumetric fog, trending on instagram, trending on tumblr, hdr 4k, 8k

Negative prompt: (bonnet), (hat), (beanie), cap, (((wide shot))), (cropped head), bad framing, out of frame, deformed, cripple, old, fat, ugly, poor, missing arm, additional arms, additional legs, additional head, additional face, multiple people, group of people, dyed hair, black and white, grayscale

Please note stable diffusion uses both a prompt and a negative prompt. A negative prompt is designed to remove things from an image.

Creating image with stable diffusion is quite common and over 90% of the images found on our website was created with this AI generative art tool. This piece of AI can also create sketches and artwork when you try out some custom models found over at

We wish you all the best when using stable diffusion to create art you can sell. You are really limited by your own imaginaton and ideas. So go out there and start creating prompts. Once you get the images you like, don’t forget to sell them! Or enter them into a competition… or not.


These are just a small number of examples of how you can use Artificial intelligence to your own advantage to start earning a healthy income. Weather this is part of your side hustle or perhaps a full time profession you can pursue the choice is yours.

The good thing about all this is that you are using future technology which might help in stopping you losing your job to AI. So as always remember to use any new tech to your advantage or else you will just start missing out.

We aim to provide more guides like this in the near future. If you would like to read up on any more informative guides why not leave a comment below on what you would like to see and we can perhaps see if we can write up a new guide just for you.

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