‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Join Strike for Fairness and Respect


Yes The Actor Strike Is Still On And This Time More Big Names Are Joining In

Breaking Bad Actors rise up against AI
yes this image was created with AI sorry.

Good eveneing readers, if you are a fan of tv shows and movies you might want to read on! We’ve got some big news about the actors from ‘Breaking Bad’! They’re standing up for fairness and respect in the entertainment world, and to some it’s pretty inspiring stuff. This is all of course in regards to Artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is trying to take over our livelihoods as we know it. So is it really a big threat or just hot air?

Unite for a Cause

Imagine the actors and writers from your favorite show all getting together to make a powerful statement. Well, that’s exactly what happened with the stars of ‘Breaking Bad’ and its spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’. They gathered outside the Sony Pictures Studios in California to show their support for the actors and writers strike. Hollywood is not happy about the mass implementation of AI and this has been going on for well over a month now.

Famous Faces, Strong Voices

These famous faces held up signs with catchy phrases like “No Contract, No Scripts” and “We Are The Ones Who Knock”. They’re taking a stand to demand better working conditions and fair pay from the big shots in Hollywood who make movies and TV shows.

Bryan Cranston, who played the main character Walter White, said that they’re not asking for anything crazy – just the respect and fairness they deserve. Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, talked about how important it is to stop artificial intelligence (AI) from taking over storytelling and creativity.

Let’s face it AI already gets a lot of flack for it’s user generated images especially the blatant fake ones. So it’s no surprise it’s causing issues when it comes to creative writing too.

Why They’re Upset

Here’s the scoop: the actors and writers are unhappy with the way things are going in the entertainment industry. They want to make sure that everyone who works hard to create shows and movies gets treated fairly and gets their fair share of the rewards.

They’re also worried about AI, which can make things like scripts without real people’s input. They believe that AI could take over and make everything less special and less real. They want to make sure creativity and originality stay important. Before people laugh and say that will never happen, well we have already seen AI beat pilots when it comes to flying drones, so never say never.

Fans Cheer Them On

The actors got tons of love from fans and even took pictures with them! Fans really appreciated the stars showing up to support the strike. They love ‘Breaking Bad’ and wanted to see more awesome content from these talented folks.

Fans also talked about how they like stuff that’s made by real people, not machines. They think that human creativity and emotions make things way cooler than stuff made by AI. We have spoken about this subject countless times, AI just doesn’t have much feeling behind it and it is actually quite easy to spot AI written content.

ai created this image
What’s worrying is that some day AI could create a full feature film with no real actors

Behind the Scenes

Now, here’s the background: the actors and writers have been on strike for a while. They’re not happy with how things are going in their industry, and they’re fighting for better deals. The strike has caused lots of problems for TV shows and movies, but the actors and writers are sticking to their guns to make things better.

We even heard from Netflix which caused a little bit of a storm too. Everyone seems to be jumping in on the AI gold rush, but in some industries it’s not needed. We don’t need to automate everything.

So, there you have it! Even the stars we see on TV shows care about fairness and respect in the entertainment world. It’s pretty cool to see them using their fame for a good cause!

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