Remember The Viral Photo Of Giant Cat Crocheted By an Elderly Lady Well It Was Fake


Seeing is Not Believing In The World Of AI

Giant Cat Crocheted By Elderly Lady

Hey there, curious minds! Do you remember seeing that pic of a grandma with a huge crocheted cat? Well, get ready for a plot twist, because we’re diving into the world of AI and how it tricked a lot of people online!

Meet the Viral Photo… That’s Not Real!

So, you know that photo of the granny posing with the gigantic crochet kitty? It went totally viral on social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! Everyone was like, “Wow, that’s so cool!” But guess what? It’s not real. Yup, you heard that right. It’s the work of AI tech! This isn’t the first time AI tools have fooled the general public. Only a few moths ago did we have the pope in a puffer jacket that was created with the use of Midjourney.

The Mastermind Behind the Trick

Meet Lydia Masterova, a creative whiz from Ukraine. She’s got this cool trick up her sleeve: using AI tools to whip up awesome pics of animals. She posted that famous cat-granny pic on her Instagram, @ai.artandcat, with other similar pics of old ladies and their crafty critters.

Lydia spilled the beans on her secret: a program called MidJourney. This program can turn words into pictures, like magic! Lydia gave it cues like “old lady with huge crocheted cat” or “lady sitting with a giant knitted cat,” and poof! The pics were born.

Why are we not surprised midjourey was used again to create realistic images with AI.

From Viral to Not-So-Real

Here’s where things get wild. Other folks saw Lydia’s pic and thought it was for real. They reposted it everywhere, some even claiming the lady in the pic was their own grandma! People were amazed and inspired by the “granny’s” talent.

But guess what? The pic has some quirks that show it’s not real-deal. The hands are kinda huge, and there’s too many fingers. The cat’s fur and eyes are fuzzy, and the background’s all wonky. Yup, those are telltale signs of AI. You need to look within the detail to spot AI generated images.

ai creates fake images

Unmasking AI Art

So, how do you tell if a pic’s made by AI? Watch out for those wacky details, like extra fingers or weird shadows. If things seem off or blurry, it might be the work of a crafty AI program. Ai can be quite dangerous when used in the wrong hands, we all need to be cautious of the vulnerabilities AI has. Don’t fall for deep fakes. After all this is just a little bit of fun and thus should be treated that way.

Now you know, that viral pic might be cooler than you thought, but it’s not Grandma’s real creation. AI’s got some magical tricks up its digital sleeves, and it’s creating art that’s making us all quite surprised at the speed it’s improving. Who knows where we will be a 12 months down the line.

If you want to learn how to create your very own AI art why not check out our stable diffusion guide for beginners.

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