What is ChatGPT


A Beginners Guide On How To Use The Worlds Best AI Chatbot

It doesn’t matter what field you specialise in, weather it’s marketing, film or even art you should have heard of ChatGPT. This is the latest technological advancement within the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has taken the world by storm, so much so that it is being adapted to a wide range of different uses.

10 years ago if you were to ask the general public “what do you think the next breakthrough in AI would be?” not a lot of people would have thought to say it would be a chatbot. Let’s face it chat bots have been around for quite some time and always pulled the same crowd. Once the hype died down it was quickly forgotten about. Turns out data scientists were in the back still working on this technology.

Well the difference with ChatGPT compared to other chatbots is the shear scale of it’s datasets. With the use of machine learning, deep learning and a pretty huge Large Language Model (LLM) it is capable of performing so much. Imagine using a Chatbot to create a creative story, help with an exam subject, write blog posts or even write some code for a program you are working on (yes it dos that too!).

ChatGPT has the potential to change the way people work, if done correctly. so why not jump on the bandwagon and learn how to use ChatGPT. This article has been created to help guide you through mastering ChatGPT. If your job involves any written content it would be wise to learn how to use the amazing piece of technology, this will help ensure your job stays viable in the future.

What is ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT
This is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an advanced AI Chatbot, it is based off of a Large Language Model that was developed by the company OpenAI. It is capable of engaging with user conversation in a way that is more human-like than ever before. This Chat Model is capable of responding to follow up questions, noticing if information is incorrect, recognizing it’s own mistakes and mistakes of it’s users and even refusing to play along to radicicolous questions.

Please note that ChatGPT uses the model known as GPT-4. You can use this separately through OpenAI’s API but it will cost you per use. A lot of webapps that use chat bots or AI to perform tasks are relying heavily on this API.

ChatGPT Plus

As the popularity of ChatGPT grew so did the bugs. There were countless issues where the system would become overloaded and users would not be able to use this AI chatbot. Because of that OpenAI decided it would be in it’s best interest to release a premium subscription version of this bot, it is known as ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month).

This version comes with several benefits:

  • Priority acess even when the server is over loaded
  • uninterupted sessions
  • faster response generation (we don’t notice the difference to be fair)
  • Much higher daily limits for sending requests
  • being able to send messages more often than being limited to ever 60 seconds

The important question to ask is “is it worth it?”. Well if you are new to using ChatGPT stick with the basic free version, it’s good enough. If you find yourself using it too much and being limited then of course go for the subscription.

You should purchase ChatGPT PLUS if you use ChatGPT on a mass scale or for your business. The Basic free ChatGPT version is suitable for the majority of it’s users.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

It’s not overly complicated ChatGPT is a chat bot that relies on user input, it supports multiple languages, all you need to do is ask it a question, it will reply to anything you say. In the Image below we asked the question “hello” in multiple languages and got the same response in those languages.

ChatGPT supports multiple languages
ChatGPT is capable of replying in multiple languages

In order to create more advanced responses from ChatGPT we recommend you learn all about prompt engineering this will ensure that you get the best responses when engaging with this chat bot. It will try to respond in the most human way possible, it does this with the use of machine learning and deep learning to achieve this result.

ChatGPT was trained on an insanely large dataset that consisted of billions of words. It follows a process of instead of performing one task it is trained to recognize patterns in the data iit is provided. This is how it generates responses to users questions.

Think of it like this, an AI chatbot has crawled the internet and gathered billions of words. It has then looked for patterns within this words. When a user sends a prompt to this bot it will compare it and look for any comparison to it can respond correctly. It does this in seconds! With the use of neural networks it can actually predict what word will come next in a sequence, making it seem like AGI (it’s not). This has resulted in the most advanced chatbot to date!

So, What Can ChatGPT Do?

Originally ChatGPT was thought to just be a simple chatbot, only capable of being asked questions and then responding to those questions. But as it has become popular all over the internet, people have experienced some great ways that this piece of technology can operate. Heck some people are even making money from chatGPT.

Answer Specific and Generalized Questions

The number one use for ChatGPT is to provide information to it’s millions of users. It can answer a wide range of questions with very little effort, please note it’s fact checking ability isn’t great so don’t assume everything is 100% accurate. It’s great for giving out well known information for subjects in the field of science, mathematics art and much more. A good example of accessing this information is to do the following prompts:

  • “Explain aerodynamics to me like im 6 years old”
  • “Who said the famous quote “He that lives upon hope will die farting”
  • “I like chicken and broccoli, what should I have for lunch?”

ChatGPT is only limited by the prompts you provide it, try to be as in depth as you possibly can. Other uses for this AI model are correcting: grammar, typos and even spelling. It can also provide guidance on various tasks that you might want to complete.

Some people love the way ChatGPT responds that they have started to replace it for google search. But please do not use this chatbot to replace your google searches as ChatGPT relies on old information. so some things can be inaccurate or false.

Help with Creative Tasks

Over the past few months plenty of users have been experiencing the full creative potential of ChatGPT. Users have been using this AI model to create lots of different types of content, to list a few:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Blog Posts
  • Video Scripts
  • Podcasts
  • Comics
  • Short Stories
  • Novels
  • Plus many more!

One of the fundamental features of ChatGPT is the way it can understand natural language inputs. This makes it easy for users to communicate with this tool and get back simple to understand responses. This is far from different to what a search engine can offer you. Hence why so many people use it as an alternative in certain circumstances.

ChatGPT is actually capable of writing a full novel. Let’s say you wanted to write a book about Giant Hamsters that wanted to take over the world. You could suggest a short story for ChatGPT to write for you.

A short story created by AI ChatGPT
A Sample short story created with ChatGPT

As you can see in the above response it has done a pretty good job at explaining the basics, you can read the full short story here. But it is worth pointing out that this should not be used as the only method when creating content. You want to use AI as an aid. You can see our introduction into content writing with chatGPT.

Help With Programming Tasks

This might have come as a surprise to some users. ChatGPT is a large language model that focuses on multiple languages, what people didn’t realise is that this also means programming languages. So if you want help understanding some computer code python, ruby, c++, pearl, php etc just ask!

This is quickly making ChatGPT a great tool to assist with coding tasks. But it isn’t without it’s bugs. You can literally ask it to create a piece of code for you “Can you create a website in HTML for me” it will then reply with what it think is a good example of a website.

ChatGPT can even write code for us
ChatGPT can even write code for us

As you can see it has provided us with a response this is in plain text for us so we can copy and past it for our own use. You can even correct it if you believe it is wrong and it will try to come up with an alternative solution.

If you would like to learn a new programming language you can ask it to be your teacher and teach you the basics. Need help debugging code? It can do that too.

Have Conversations With A User

Let’s not neglect it’s most beneficial use. It’s conversation function. ChatGPT is capable of communicating with it’s users in a pretty natural way, making people believe it could be real. sure it’s not but it’s pretty advanced.

It’s ability to understand phares and sentences with ease is allowing it to responds with human like responses. Another great edition to this new AI technology is that it can remember what was said in the conversation, just like humans do and revert back to these memories. There are of course some restrictions on this and you will be limited to the things it remembers in the same chat window. Refreshing this window will “reset” it’s memory.

Heck if you wanted to learn a new language say French why not ask ChatGPT to be your French teacher and teach you the basics, see how well it can help you learning this new language.

However There is Some Limitations

Look let’s face it this AI technology is pretty new and even though it can achieve so much, it also has some limitations. Here are a few of those limitations:

  • Outdated Information: Unable to give recent information, don’t ask what happened last week
  • Text Based Responses only: Currently only uses text based prompts, unable to process visual images or video inputs.
  • Can Make up Facts: This is a strange one, sometimes ChatGPT will believe something is fact, when in reality it is not. This could be due to the data it has crawled or an anomaly within the algorithm.

These may be some slight problems right now, but as this program improves we expect this issues to fade away. But currently while it’s in it’s infancy we expect people to double check any facts that ChatGPT might give them.

How to use ChatGPT?

If you want to use ChatGPT there is only one place you can go to try out this amazing piece of technology and that is to visit the official page. There is only one ChatGPT, there are plenty of imitations around though that might charge you money to use their platform. So be careful of bad actors

ChatGPT is free to use all you need is an account and you can start using the platform. As we mentioned before you can also use the premium version ChatGPT plus which is $20 per month.

ChatGPT does not have a mobile app, however you can access their web page through your mobile device.

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