Bard: Google’s ChatGPT rival Gaining Land – launches in Europe and Even Brazil

Bard is spreading and now available in Europe and Brazil – Google vs OpenAI

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This is largest expansion google bard has seen since it’s launch way back in march. This was back when it became available to both the US and the UK. With this next push it is showing that is is eagerly snapping behind Microsoft Bing Chat (chatgpt).

Both bard and Chat GPT are great examples of how far chatbots have progressed over the past few years. They are able to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to respond to questions in a human like way.

Google’s Bard Had Some Expansion Issues

Bard has had a few setbacks, or should be say precautious measures when it has come to expanding it’s user territory. This is because the EU data regulations that were being heavily talked about. Weather or not users data is safe and such, a lot of it was really focused around privacy concerns.

But after google met with some professionals in regards to this issue it looks like things have come to an agreement. Transparency, choice and even control were all discussed making googles bard look like a more open choice for when it comes to use AI chatbots.

Users can even opt out of their data being collected, which a big plus for privacy laws. Who would have thought adding a simple button like this would allow companies to step down. Apparently no one is really concerned about AI taking over the world.

Bard is basically a google experiment, that of course google want to be held responsible for. So they are doing everything in their power to ensure this runs smoothly for them.

Bard Is improving!

of course like everything that is new it does have hiccups along the way. Heck ChatGPT had dozens of issues to start with and some of it still continues today. But we do feel though is waht with google being the more advanced company in regards to data protection and policy it might be a more wiser bet to bet on them being the more successful company.

Due to google seeming to please these laws in regards to data laws and privacy they have now decided to add it’s new features to bard that now apply worldwide.

Bard can speak over 40 languages

Bard can now speak and answer back in over 40 languages, some of these include Japanese, German, Spanish, not just English. Which makes it more accessible for people all around the world. But, as we have learnt from google translate it’s not always 100% accurate, so do expect some issues early on as they perfect this technology.

Change the Tone of Conversation

Like Microsoft’s bing chat, with google bard you can change the tone of the conversation. Bard has decided to go with these choices – simple, short, long, casual or professional. This gives you a wide scope of responses to your questions. Sure it’s not “creative” but we don’t think google is aiming for a crazy style chat bot. They come across more like they want to use these new technology for the professional world.

There are a few other features added like the option to pin or rename your conversations, export code that it has created for you and even use images in your prompts. Bard is quickly becoming a threat to ChatGPT. Let’s see where these two AI giants end up in the next 6 months.

Investment Heats up

Due to the hype around AI flaring up again investments have started to heat up. Companies are piling cash into so many start ups and even investing more into big tech companies that are pushing this new technology.

We are seeing shares for Microsoft, Google and Meta increasing due to their involvement around AI. We are really seeing another gold rush era. We do advise caution to all our readers, that they should not just jump into get rich quick investments a lot of these companies will be dissolved or even bankrupt in the next 12 months. Safe bets always lie within companies that have been around for a long time i.e Microsoft, Meta and Google. – please note we never offer investment advice. The above is just stating be careful with your money.

There are two sides to this AI story some say AI will take over the world and we should accept our robot overlords, where as others say it’s going to be a revolution help humanity. Heck some people just think it’s pointless and won’t go much further. It really depends on who you ask.

We even have Elon Musk chipping in on his own version “truthgpt” weather or not this will take off or not, only time will tell.

Here at so artificial we love AI, we eat breath and sleep it. It’s in our blood. But even we think regulation is key moving forwards, so we should always be cautious when introducing new technology into our daily lives.

There Is Still Controversy Around Chatbots

One of the biggest complaints chatbots are receiving is the data the crawled to train them with. Some people believe their information has been crawled and used without their permission and this could be a breach of property rights.

Google and OpenAI both have received complaints around this and we are eagerly awaitng the response in regards to it. Could this mean that they have to pay hefty fines to the millions of people whom they used their data, or would they need to re-train their models on data that is given up for free? Only time will tell.

We will keep a close eye on this and let you know if anything comes of a recent course case in regards to this matter.

What do you think about chatbots? do you use bard or chatgpt (bing chat) or perhaps use neither? let us know in the comments below.

Google bard is working hard

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