Bing Chat AI: A Guide On Using Microsoft’s Chatbot 


Learn How to Use Bing Chat The Latest AI Chat Bot Taking The World By Storm

Bing Chat AI A Guide On Using Microsoft’s Chatbot 
Bing Chat AI: A Guide On Using Microsoft’s Chatbot 

Let’s face it Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone through quite the journey over the past few months and there is no surprise as to why it has grabbed everyone’s attention. We are currently in the gold rush era for AI where so many companies are competing to create the next best thing. One of the things that kicked this all of was the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it has plenty of humans convinced that it’s AGI as it can respond to questions in a human like way.

There is no doubt that OpenAI has had incredible success with their chatbot. But in turn this has caused a constant battle between some of the big tech names we have googles Bard, amazon is focusing more on providing cloud base computing to run these systems and even Facebook (META) is working on a few things. We also have plenty of small start ups trying to jump onto the bandwagon you can check out Future Tools for an extended list on this.

Now here comes Microsoft and the introducing of BingAI (Bing Chat). Bing Chat is a key contender when it comes to the race to be the supreme leader of AI. Microsoft has been working hard to basically reimagine their search engine by incorporating the use of AI. They have teamed up with OpenAI to deliver their very own AI-powered search results engine. These new search engine boasts plenty of improvements and capabilities but it’s main feature everyone is talking about is “Bing Chat”, this generates conversations with it’s users similar to how ChatGPT does.

Bing Chat is an AI-powered chatbot that uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model (LLM) to provide users with conversational search results.

Whether you are a fan of Bing or not, there is no question that it has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings of a sub par search engine. It is proving to be a big contender when it comes to the AI race for dominance. In this article we are going to help you get to grips with Bing Chat and learn some of it’s fundamental features and uses. Also we take a look at what might be in the works moving forward.

Note: Bing Chat is experimental, do not take all of it’s advice personal or by law. Always double check and realise sometimes this chat bot might come across as a hostile.

What Can Bing Chat Do? 

This new artificial intelligence chat bot has an impressive collection of abilities.

Bing Chat has the ability to generate articles, draft emails, suggest games the family can enjoy, translate languages and even compare financial information. It can even help users create lines of code.

Introducing Your Personal Writing Assistant

It’s looking like Bing Chat is capable of performing a variety of tasks at a competent rate. You can ask it to help you write novels, articles or even a short story, although it’s limited in it’s response. It is very good at text-based tasks due to it using GPT-4 so asking it questions well definitely give you a great response.

we asked bing chat to write a short story for us
we asked Bing chat to write a short story for us

Ok, so the above story is kind of, well, rubbish. But it at least gave it a try and we like that Bing chat is using it’s initiative to create something for us. We feel it’s best to break things down with Bing chat. So perhaps use it as more of a Aid then asking it to write full novels for you.

Heck Bing chat can even help you create responses to legal arguments. So if you want to argue a parking ticket or perhaps navigate a messy divorce why not ask Bing Chat for a little bit of help.

Bing Chat is a Bit of a Tech Nerd

Struggling to fix a bug in your line of code, perhaps can’t remember the name of a react package? well let Bing take the weight off your shoulders. Bing Chat is capable of all these tasks plus many more! You could even use Bing Chat to learn a new programming language, just ask it for some help.

Bing Chat is Not Just A Chat Bot

Another key feature users seem to forget about is that Bing Chat has the ability to create AI-Generated images like Midjourney and Stable diffusion, this is because it uses the DALL-E engine to create them. You can achieve this by just asking Bing chat to draw something for you. Please note it can cut you off if it doesn’t like your requests so keep it clean. Bing chat uses the Image Creator which you can access separately.

There is a few kinks Microsoft need to work out though when it comes to generating image through Bing chat. It seems to at times get confused. It might state that it has created an image for you or tell you it can’t create an image.

We do admit the above features are pretty amazing and is showing at how fast Chat Bots are improving. We have come a long way from chat bots of the past 20 years. But it does send a few shivers down people spines when it comes to job security and if this form of AI might just be coming for your job.

Bing Chat will continue to evolve and improve it’s capabilities which does cause a large cause for concern for some individuals. This is why we need to ensure this type of new technology is regulated and made safe for all of it’s users.

So what’s the difference? BingAI vs. ChatGPT

BingAI is fueled by the GPT-4 large language model, which is currently the most powerful model developed by OpenAI. But so Does ChatGPT so Why Would You Use One Over The Other

Here at soartificial we have been using ChatGPT since it was launched last year. We have seen the ups and downs and all the bugs and issues along the way. ChatGPT is the most advanced chat bot of it’s time and because of this Microsoft decided they wanted a peiece of the action. So this is where Bing Chat comes into play.

Bing Chat is basically ChatGPT but more suitable around search engines. It actively tries to do online searches for you, while ChatGPT is limited to it’s knowledge (for now). It can only interact with information it has gathered before 2023. So when asking ChatGPT what happened this week it will most likely answer this incorrectly where as Bing Chat will do a quick engine search and try to show you something that happened this week (it might be wrong though).

Now when it comes to ChatGPT it’s forte is content. ChatGPT can literally write a a long article and not cut you off and it’s speed is quite impressive. So if you want to write well written content you might want to stick with ChatGPT for now. Bing Chat seems limited in it’s responses.

How to Use Bing Chat 

In order for you to use Bing chat you will need to perform these simple steps, this will allow you to access this new search engine powered chat bot.

Before you continue with this short guide please do ensure you have a Microsoft account and have downloaded the Edge Browser. If you don’t have these two you will not be able to use Bing Chat. Microsoft is really pushing the use of it’s own technology with this one.

  1. Visit – Open up your edge browser and visit home of Microsoft’s search engine and of course Bing Chat.
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft account – Click the sign in button you can even sign in with accounts.
  3. Select Chat – you will greeted with the Bing Chat Window
  4. Choose the Conversational Style – You can choose between: ‘Creative,’ ‘Balanced,’ and ‘Precise.’
  5. Now Enter your Question or Prompt.
  6. Enjoy Talking to Bing Chat

That really is all there is to it. Microsoft streamlined the whole process making it easy for people to sign up and start using their AI chat bot.

There is Still More To Come From Bing 

If Microsoft want’s to be the at the front line for AI chat bots it needs to ensure it keeps up with innovation. This is why teaming up with OpenAI was a good choice. We have already seen Open AI’s ChatGPT plus give extra perks to it’s members.

You can use a large list of plugins with there premium plan and even interact with websites which is a huge move forward. It also can store message and relay back to them as the conversation progresses.

So if Microsoft starts implementing them into it’s own Bing Chat that would be a big plus.

So How Much Does Bing Chat Cost?

Bing Chat is currently available for free, they are giving users access to this advanced Chat Bot at Zero Cost. 

But let’s face it if the demand continues to grow Microsoft might consider releasing a paid version, similar to the way ChatGPT plus works. Then again Microsoft is a big player in tech industry so probably has easy access to run these systems and if anything it could be seen as a cheaper alternative to advertising.

How to use bing chat


What’s not to love about Chat Bots. They are fun and easy to use but let’s face it they are nothing more than a gimmick really. So if you want to pretend you are talking to an intelligent robot be our guest, have some fun, heck even create some short stories with it. Or if you are feeling really adventurous why not get Bing Chat to help you setup a new side Hussle? Let us know in the comments below what exciting, interesting and just plain weird things you have got Bing Chat to say to you.

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