Times are Changing – How generative AI could change hiring as we know it


It’s no big secret that candidates are already using tools such as ChatGPT to write cover letters and CVs. We are just getting warmed up

ChatGPT could make some job recruitment processes obsolete
Do we really want AI to automate all of life’s tasks?

Who would have thought it that back in November AI would take the world by storm in the form of ChatGPT. This great piece of tech has enabled anyone with internet access across the world the ability to create written content, as well as much more! Even with simple prompts, ChatGPT can provide complex responses it is quickly becoming one of the top tools used to create creative content and why wouldn’t it be? it preforms tasks efficiently, quickly and to a good standard.

We have seen examples of students using Chatgpt to appeal parking tickets amongst a few other ideal uses for this AI chatbot. It’s not all gloom and doom when it comes to using AI for the greater good.

Jobseekers are Using ChatGPT to get a Foot in the door

The Job process could change as a whole
We all need to eat, so why not use chatGPT to get that well needed interview

One smart use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT is that is can be used to create convincing letters and documents. Jobseekers are reporting on these benefits it’s proving to be a great way to get ones “foot in the door” it might not land you a job but it sure as hell might just get you that well needed interview. With 570 Billion parameters ChatGPT is able to achieve this and it’s responses are becoming more human like as the program continues to advance. Please note this is not AGI, yet.

If you want to get in touch with a hiring manager just head over to the ChatGPT website. Enter a prompt and then copy and past the AI-generated text and cross your fingers for a reply. Of course you might want to be a little creative with your prompts to ensure you stand out from the 100’s of others doing the same thing.

Don’t Kid Yourself Those Hiring Managers are Aware You’re using AI

It's no secret to the hiring team they know you are using AI
We all know about ChatGPT it’s not a secret tool

Let’s face it during the early days of ChatGPT maybe some companies may not have been aware you were writing those cover letters with the use of AI. But with the rise in scepticism around it’s future and weather or not it’s ethical in nature, there has been development of AI detection tools. Not to mention the response from ChatGPT can be kind of “samey”. So majority of hiring teams know that you are using AI to create those letters.

Now this does not mean that all recruiters are going to see this is a red flag or even worrying. It may be dependant on the job you are applying for. So perhaps before you hit send why not add a more personal touch to that email. We may see a move of how recruiters evaluate candidates moving forward.

It’s not big surprise that some recruiters are basically over run and what is known as time poor, so don’t have the time to sift through all letters to ensure what is human written and what was written by AI. This is why tools like AI content detector was created. When looking for AI written content we look for personality, if there is none it’s most likely written by someone with no soul or AI.

AI could be used as a good aid for those who struggle to write, although it should not be used to fool people that you are capable of writing. You need to make sure you are capable of preforming the job you are applying for as it will quickly be found out, that you can’t perform well at work.

So Is Using AI to Get A Job Cheating?

It really depends. As we mentioned before if you are having difficualites writing emails and responses to basic job opportunities, well then ChatGPT would be a god send in helping those who are struggling. They are clearly capable performing the job at hand, are quite confident in their actions they just struggle with writing. 32 Million adults in America alone may be illiterate, so in reality this amazing piece of AI technology might be a great addition to anyone’s daily life.

It’s not a hidden secret that recruiters have been relying less on traditional modes of evaluating candidates. Let’s take the cover letter, its not even a necessity anymore. Although it does add a personal touch to a candidates application. Even the CV has been trimmed down to just one page of only your most recent achievements.

Recruiters are now looking at candidates social media profiles and of course their LinkedIn profiles to understand if they would fit within the workplace. Here at So Artifical we don’t really approve of this method alone because work life and social life should be completely separate. Let’s face it if anyone can use ChatGPT to make a great pitching email to a hiring team then it will soon become obsolete. Because if everyone’s content is amazing then who do you weed out the competition?

What May be the Downsides of Using AI to Get Job

we should work with AI to improve the hiring process but not replace it

We are just going to quickly skim across some bullet points here as to what might be an issue with using AI to get a job.

  • Makes current methods of obtaining a job obsolete – cover letters etc
  • Everyone is creating the Same content letters
  • It might be missleading to an employer
  • It could make you rely on AI too much
  • Recruiters processes will change, in some cases become harder
  • You will be scrutinized more face to face
  • In turn recruiters will start using AI to filter through responses

This in turn will result in more AI companies using and crawling more data. This could end up being quite negative where recruiters will have a score system on how hireable you are. Which in extreme cases might remove the need for recruiters all together. Just our robot overlords decided on weather or not we can have a job or not. Since AI is already changing the job market it might even one day run it all together.

What are your views on weather or not you should use AI when applying for a new job? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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