Navigating ChatGPT for Business Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts Of Success

Navigating ChatGPT for Business Marketing: The Dos and Don'ts Of Success, How to Gain an Advantage When Using ChatGPT.

How to Gain an Advantage When Using ChatGPT To Help Market Your Business

this image was created using ai it pictures a medieval character writing with a pen. It could be used for business marketing.
Business marketing can be difficult for some people, why not get ChatGPT to help aid you?

Since it’s first release way back in November 2022, ChatGPT has proven to be a revolutionary piece of technology. It has applications that run across various domains, such domains include; education, software development and in some cases marketing.

While this relatively new piece of technology has incredible potential is is important that was understand the do’s and don’t of it’s use. We need to learn as users to maximize it’s benefits, in this article we focus on business marketing.

Here’s is a helpful guide on how you can navigate this tool effectively.

It is a common misconception where people believe that Google has banned the use of AI written content. This is not true and Google in some cases has allowed the use of this form of writing, but only if it benefits the reader. That means no mass spam content and the content provided has to be relevant. Content is king after all.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT can serve as a highly valuable tool that can help aid anyone when it comes to copywriting. You can commonly find people using this tool to write articles, blog posts, the basic site structure and even captive headlines. This are all big benefits to using ChatGPT, especially if you struggle to achieve this on your own.

If used correctly, you can basically use this tool as a guide, or should we say a personal writing assistant. This assistant can aid you to create some really great content that you can have some input in. We always say to our readers that when it comes to using AI content creation tools, you should use them as an aid. Don’t let them take away your creative writing skills.

You can even get ChatGPT to write in certain styles weather that is empathetic or persuasive the choice is yours. Just make sure you reflect this within your prompt engineering skills. We personally use this tool to give us feedback on our articles and see if it can find any room for improvements this makes it perfect for improving the content for your business.

Look let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s pretty obvious that ChatGPT excels in generating content ideas and outlines for your blog posts/articles. But it does fall short when it comes to creating tailored marketing strategies for your business. You can be an expert prompt engineer and still have issues getting it to understand your point.

The issue here is data, although over time this might improve. For the mean time we suggest you don’t use it for this kind of method and stick to the good old fashioned method of market research. At the moment marketing experts jobs are safe from AI, but who knows what the future may hold once it stores more data on the subject.

One of the many benefits of when it comes to using this great piece of technology is the fact that you can develop with it. OpenAI allow you to create your very own Chatbots.

Open AI has an API system where you can use their Large Language models to create your very own chatbots that can even mimic human-like interactions. You can either use their pre defined models or even create your own. You will just need to supply the bot with it’s very own dataset. This is perfect for low cost, yet effective chat systems for your clientele.

We are currently in a world that is coming to terms with the addition to Artificial intelligence within our day to day live, and more companies are taking on this new piece of tech with some sucess. Of course some buisiness are using it incorrectly, but we are sure over time this will improve.

The biggest benefit to using this piece of AI is a fully fledge first line support chatbot. It can answer customer quires based off a dataset if sone correctly. If not it will just be a wrapper for ChatGPT. Make sure you don’t do this as it will end up costing you more money when people find out it’s just a wrapper and start spamming it with queries.

Strangely enough ChatGPT gained the ability to access up-to-date information from the internet as of September 2023, however it lacks the capability to state or assess its information sources. Don’t ask us why it has not been implement yet, because we don’t know either. All we can assume is that it’s either a copywrite issue or dev being devs(lazy, sorry ^_^).

So when it comes to performing market research tasks like keyword analysis or competitor study you are going to be given false, fake or even misleading information. This is due to the stats not being relevant or up to date, even though the bot is saying it is.

So when it comes to market research you should be using search engines or hiring a personal assistant to do the research for you. Relying solely on ChatGPT for research purposes is going to seriously harm your business model especially if people find out it’s all fake reports.

a picture created with ai showing a business marketing analyst. Cartoon drawing.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT presents potential opportunities for business marketing. But it is key to realise what it’s capabilities and limitations are when creating your business strategies.

What is important as that you leverage the strengths or this AI tool with your own human expertise to harness it’s full potential. Only by doing this will you be able to create compelling, brilliant marketing campaigns.

Don’t walk into the marketing game blind, it will eat you alive.

Have you used ChatGPT to aid you with your business marketing strategies? If so how well did it work for you? let us know in the comments below.

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