Popular Use Cases for AI


Not too sure where to start when using AI? Why not check out some popular ways people are spending their time tinkering with Artificial Intelligence

Popular Use Cases for AI Making Machines do Mans Work

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Over the past few months AI has been everywhere in the news, the way it effects our lives is ever growing and it has even started to have a direct impact on the way we work. People are coming up with all kinds of creative ways to use AI and sometimes it’s not all good.

Some of the examples of this are virtual assistants, self driving cars and of course personalized recommendations through ads and search engines. AI has become a ever-present part of our daily lives so unless you have been living under a rock you must have heard about AI, especially chat bots like ChatGPT. So if you are new to the whole world of AI, we will explore some of the most popular ways people are using this not so new technology, so please do read on.

Virtual Assistants

Maybe some of you are unaware or maybe not, there are 3 well known virtual assistants out there. We are pretty sure the majority of you have heard these names before and perhaps might use them in your daily lives, if not all the time.

Want to know those names? Well, Siri, Alexa and Cortana, these are all classed as virtual assistants. They can perform a wide range of tasks like setting reminders, making phone calls, sending texts, controlling devices plus many more. Kind of like what a real assistant might do.

They have become quite popular over the past decade and are now available through a wide range of devices including pretty much every smartphone on the market comes with it’s own form of virtual assistant.

Please note all thought virtual assistants provide some form of Chat Function they are not necessarily deemed to be a chatbot hence they fall in a different category.


Ah yes, chat bots have been around for donkeys years. They always cause controversy every so often and everyone tends to speculate on weather or not they are going to take over the world. AGI or AI etc etc. Well if you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months you will have heard of ChatGPT, the most advanced chat bot on the market to date.

These more advanced piece of technology is capable of answering more complex questions, answering queries and even providing opinions on what users should do under certain circumstances. This is of course where more controversy arrives on weather or not we should rely on them completely. Chatbots are one of the most Popular use cases for AI, as it provides a direct example of it’s methods in action.

One of the most common uses of using a Chat bot other than asking it silly questions is for businesses to use them to interact with their customers. They have been doing this behind closed doors for years but with the way technology has improved it is getting harder to tell if you are talking to a real person or not.

Autonomous Vehicles – Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars have been an incredibly raging topic over the past few years, this is due to safety concerns and weather or not cars can become fully autonomous or will there always be a need for human intervention. Have you been in the seat of a Self driving car? we would like to know leave your opinions at the bottom of this page.

Self driving cars work by using sophisticated software that controls the car through advances cameras and sensors. Its debatable to weather or not these cameras are efficient enough to work in poor driving conditions.

If a company manages to nail the perfect self driving car that never has an accident, well then of course it will revolutionize the transportation industry as a whole. Heck it would even make our roads safer. But personally, we believe, we are far way away from that. So expect more turbulent times for self driving cars.

Personalized Recommendations

Data is big money, there is no hiding that. So these large companies want to grab as much data as they can from you and others. With this data they store it in huge databases in “the cloud” as they put it. From here they used powerful algorithms and machine learning to make an educated guess on what products or services you want. Here comes the ad networks…

Yes you heard us, AI has been used for a very long to for ads. That’s right how else do you think these companies have become super focused on what they have started selling you online. They analyse everything. It’s not just online either think of amazon funny how some products start popping up right? or how about Netflix recommendations? fell it knows you a little too well. Yes we know the feeling this is because of AI and AI is becoming more intelligent the more data is takes from others.

Should we be scared? perhaps, in the future but for now let’s just enjoy the ride.


We wont delve too much into this subject because it is a bit of a grey area. When it comes to wearable tech and to discover certain illnesses in their early days it is an amazing piece of technology to have. But when we start suggesting that chat bots could diagnose individuals we soon have echos of people “googling” their symptoms. So maybe not just yet right?

Art – Yes you heard us ART

This image was created using Bings Image Create
This image was created using Bings Image Creator

Surprised? Maybe, maybe not remember the pope in a jacket? Yup AI. Over the past few years AI has been dominating the art space. You can use tools like Stable Diffusion to create amazing pieces of art without actually having to know how to draw. This is achieved by feeding the AI tool a prompt (a set of words) and with this prompt it will draw you something that it feels suites the prompt.

Seriously, that’s all there is too it. It’s no surprise that some artists are annoyed by the use of this tool especially when you find out some artwork was taken for these “bots” to learn from, without the permission of the creator. Hot water for AI. You can try out AI Generated out for free with the new Bing Image Creator (basically Dalle2 but free)

Let us know your views and opinions on popular use cases for AI, do you prefer anything in particular or actively study in some of these field? We would love to hear from you.

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