How to get ChatGPT to answer any question and we mean any question


Get ChatGPT to answer any question, even banned ones with DAN – Let’s say it’s the Dark side of ChatGPT

Introducing DAN – ChatGPTs Evil Alter Ego

Let’s face it ChatGPT can be quite reserved at times and on occasions we just want to ask it some silly questions and get some, well silly responses. Of course this is just for testing purposes and we don’t really believe ChatGPT is dark and going to take over the world.

OpenAI understandably has kept ChatGPT away from talking about certain inappropriate subjects. But as always us humans love to break down these walls and really push things to their limits.

If you are wanting to push ChatGPT’s boundaries and give you a little bit more infomration on issues it might not wish to talk about, well then you are going to want to meet DAN (Do Anything Now). Dan is basically the dark side of ChatGPT. Capable of misinformation, hateful content and really should be taken with a pinch of salt. DAN is not real or a real representation of this piece of technology. So if you are a bit on the vulnerable or anxious side of life we recommend you don’t use DAN, he’s not too pleasant.

There has been a lot of talk online about Chatbots replacing search engines, if this was to be true then these chatbots should be able to handle any request thrown at them and we mean any. People do ask silly questions online, really silly questions and AI should be able to handle this, not shy away. So we still have a long way to go before AI replaces search engines.

So on with the show here’s how to get ChatGPT to answer any question.

Please note: Here at So Artificial we not endorse anything DAN says to you. Don’t follow any of it’s advice or do anything that might land you in hot water. Please note DAN may not work in the future or respond differently. This is the ever changing world of AI and prompt writing.

Follow our step by step process below

Step 1: Log In To ChatGPT

ChatGPT Login
Go ahead and login to ChatGPT

ChatGPT – sign up and login. Please note this does not work with Bing Chat even though both AI bots were created by the same company.

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Latest DAN Prompt

Ok no longer can you just say to ChatGPT the key word DAN. The prompt has become quite extensive and you will need to head over to Github to find the latest unlock prompt. DAN is updated regularly.

Step 3: Now go ahead Ask your questions

Go ahead and ask ChatGPT a question and see what it comes up with.

How to unlock ChatGPT use DAN

Ask ChatGPT any question and both regular ChatGPT (Classic) and DAN (Jailbreak) will respond.

That’s It Enjoy the responses DAN comes up with!

All done, but please be careful as DAN is capable of rogue responses. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and, as such, it’s still far from perfect.

If you are looking to create your own AI content why not check out our stable diffusion cheat sheet. Or why not check out online generators like Midjourney and even Bings new AI image generator.

If you like ChatGPT and Bing chat why not try out the next big alternative Google Bard! But as always when using Chatbots please be careful and always double check any information they provide you with.

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