Tremors are rumbling for AI Italy’s ChatGPT ban spreads to France, Germany and Ireland


It looks look Italy’s ChatGPT ban has set tremors out across European countries. They seem to be focusing on Banning the AI platform, well until things are fixed that is.

More EU countries push for a ban on ChatGPT
More Countries are trying to ban ChatGPT

We just got information that Germany, France and more countries within the EU are looking to impose a ban on the well known AI chatbot platform ChatGPT. This is of course a direct result over numerous privacy concerns. It looks like they are keen to follow Italy’s Data protection authority. Could this be a big problem for ChatGPT in the coming months? We already spoke about the initial report and would have wanted OpenAI to provide an explanation.

It’s reported that Multiple countries are looking to actively enforce bans on the platform. This is in effort to protect user privacy. If OpenAI is not careful or refuses to comply with the data protection authority it may lead to an EU wide ban. Central Bank of Ireland had already issued a ban of it’s use last month.

Germany and Ireland are Questioning Banning ChatGPT

German Data protection authorities are having a keen interest in joining Italy to enforce it’s ban. A German Newspaper Handelsblatt reported on comments made by the commissioner for Germany’s privacy watchdog. These comments revealed that there are discussions to ban the service in the Germany.

It’s also been confirmed that Irelands Data Protection Commissioner has confirmed they are talking to Italy regarding the ChatGPT ban. It sounds like Ireland wants to confirm weather or not any laws are broken and if it is causing issues to user privacy before initiating a full ban.

“We are following up with the Italian regulator,” a spokesperson for the initiative said. “We will coordinate with all EU data protection authorities in relation to this matter.”

Italy’s main reason for the Ban on OpenAI’s chatbot is due to recent data breaks as well as the huge amount of data the AI program collects and uses for training. The data protection watchdog has claimed that it will lift the ban if OpenAI can protect Italians’ data.

Some People Believe the Ban is too Extreme with Little Evidence

Is it realistic to ban ChatGPT or is all this just scare mongering
Is it realistic to ban ChatGPT or is all this just scare mongering

As with anything there is always a conflicting arguments and the case of the use of OpenAI’s chatbot in Italy a lot of people feel that this Ban is built upon very little evidence. It seems more like an irrational fear without knowledge of the software being used.

Here at So Artificial we found the ban a little strange. Italy has banned ChatGPT but not Microsoft Bing Chat, they are both powered by the same AI tool. We can only assume Microsoft has ensured data will not be leaked and that users privacy is protected at all times.

Could this be troubling time for AI or just ChatGPT?

Could AI ChatGPT be in hot water with the EU

Over the past few weeks there have been large discussions in the world of AI. These discussions have mainly involved weather or not the future of AI is heading in the right direction. What with talks of AGI and the Dark side of AI, we really need to ensure that this new technology is not exploited. We need to ensure that AI technology does not effect the economy, society or mental health of the people and communities that use it.

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