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Struggling to create stunning images with Midjourney? Well why not try out our Midjourney prompt guide + Cheat Sheet

Midjourney cheat sheet prompt guide
This image was created with Midjourney

Learn how to create High Quality Images with this Midjourney Cheat Sheet

**Check our our Mega Midjourney Art Style Prompt List**

Midjourney is one of the most popular text-to-image AI services online, similar to stable diffusion but provides more realistic imagery. Users can use Midjourney through Discord, this allows users to communicate with the bot to create AI Generated images. Please note Midjourney is still in beta and is experimental in nature. It does however feel that this AI tool has been in beta for what seems like forever.

Midjourney uses simple commands and requires no coding experience to create aesthetically pleasing images. David Holz the founder of Midjourney described the process as: “We just want it to be easy to use and we want the pictures to look good.” Believe us they do look really good.

So if you are struggling to use Midjourney and looking for a helping hand then why not check out our Midjourney Cheat Sheet / Prompt Guide for beginners! We aim to provide you with prompts and commands to help you create the AI images you could only dream of. If you would need help using the alternative to Midjourney / Stable Diffusion then why not check out our user guide here. Let’s get on with the show!

Midjourney Cheat Sheet

If you are new to using Midjourney or need a little refresh then why not check out our cheat sheet below. Please note some of these commands might change or be completely removed as Midjourney improves. Don’t forget we are still in the beta stages.

Create beautiful Midjourney images with our cheat sheet
You too can create beautiful Midjourney images with our cheat sheet

General Midjourney Commands

These are general commands to navigate through the discord server.

  • /imagine – creates an image with the prompt you provided) be sure to enter your prompt.
  • /help – provides information and tips about the MJ bot
  • /info – displays information about your own profile, plan, usage, etc.
  • /subscribe – lets you subscribe to the bot
  • /fast – does a quicker job but costs money bare this in mind when using this command
  • /relax – generating doesn’t cost, but takes longer, This feature is only available for the Standard and Corporate plan
  • /show <jobid> – any job will be revived
  • /private – your jobs are private. To have this feature, you need to pay an additional 20$ per month. Worth it if you do not want to show people your images.
  • /public – your jobs are public, meaning they can be seen by everyone else, no matter if you create them in a thread or private message.

These are the basic commands you are able to use within the Midjourney discord server, get familiar with them. You shouldn’t need to use most of them on a daily basis but it’s worth knowing them in case you get stuck.


Parameters are what you will be putting at the end of your Midjourney prompt. For example /imagine a man playing poker –hd

  • –beta – an experimental algorithm
  • –hd – older algorithm for higher results
  • –version or –v – this places the algorithm into a version which MJ should use. Latest version is v5. If you want to use older versions tell it accordingly –v4 etc.
  • –aspect or –ar – images will be generated with the aspect ratio.
  • –h & –w – sets height and weight of the image.
  • –seed – sets the seed & –sameseed – is affecting all the images in the same way
  • –no – excludes elements from text prompt
  • –stop – stops MJ from generating
  • –video – saves progress as a video
  • –creative – be more varied and creative.
  • –uplight Use an alternative “light” upscaler. The results are closer to the original grid image. The upscaled image is less detailed and smoother.
  • –upbeta – Use an alternative beta upscaler when selecting the U buttons. The results are closer to the original grid image. The upscaled image has significantly fewer added details.
  • –chaos – accepts values 0–100. The higher the number the more “chaos” the image. Worth playing around with.


Want to have control over how artistic you want your AI generation to be? well you are going to want to add “–stylize” to your prompt.

With this command, you can decide how artistic you want your generation to be.

  • –stylize 625 – Least artistic version
  • –stylize 2500 – This is the default value
  • –stylize 20000 – the stylization takes over
  • –stylize 60000 – style is set at the maximum value and chances are your image may not look like your prompt.


With this command gives you direct control over the time and quality of the generation of your image. This is worth playing around until you come up the right setting for your image.

  • –quality 0.25 – gives you rough results but is 4x faster and cheaper
  • –quality 0.5 – gives you fewer details but is 2x faster and cheaper
  • –quality 1 – the default value
  • –quality 2 – more details but 2x slower and double the price
  • –quality 5 – might be more detailed and better, but might also worsen it, so use it at your own risk)

These are basic prompts that you can use to play around with your generated images. In this next section we are going to talk about the images at hand and prompts you can use to create beautiful looking pictures.

Midjourney Prompt Cheat Sheet Short codes

Please be aware there are a lot of prompts, we can’t share them all due to the shear size of them but we can share a few of the good ones with you! So please skim across our prompts and use them in your next creation.

Sample Styles

If you have used other text to image prompts you might be familiar with styles. We have listed 10 simple styles you can play around with.

  1. Abstract
  2. Contemporary
  3. Cubism
  4. Cyberpunk
  5. Fantasy
  6. Impressionism
  7. Minimal
  8. Modern
  9. Realism
  10. Surrealism

Sample Artists

An image created in the style of Pablo Picasso with Midjourney
An image created in the style of Pablo Picasso

If you want to inspire your prompt based off a particular artist you can include this into your prompt. Here is a short list of some artists you can use:

  1. Salvador Dali – Surrealism
  2. Pablo Picasso – Cubism
  3. Vincent van Gogh – Post-Impressionism
  4. Frida Kahlo – Naive Art
  5. Henri Matisse – Fauvism
  6. Jean-Michel Basquiat – Graffiti Art
  7. Banksy – Street Art
  8. Edvard Munch – Expressionism
  9. Gustav Klimt – Art Nouveau
  10. René Magritte – Surrealism
  11. Marc Chagall – Modernism
  12. Wassily Kandinsky – Abstract Art
  13. Paul Cézanne – Post-Impressionism
  14. Amedeo Modigliani – Modernism
  15. Egon Schiele – Expressionism
  16. Joan Miró – Surrealism
  17. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Post-Impressionism
  18. Frédéric Bazille – Impressionism
  19. Georgia O’Keeffe – American Modernism
  20. Mary Cassatt – Impressionism

Please be aware you are not limited to artist. If you want to create photo realistic images with Midjourney you can reference photographer names too! Give it a go.

Sample Anime Artists

Fan of Anime? Well why not get Midjourney to create an image for you!
Fan of Anime? Well why not get Midjourney to create an image for you!

Yes! Midjourney is also great at creating anime style artwork! Check out some of these great anime artists

  1. Akira Toriyama – Dragon Ball
  2. Hayao Miyazaki – Studio Ghibli
  3. Katsuhiro Otomo – Akira
  4. Mamoru Oshii – Ghost in the Shell
  5. Yoshitaka Amano – Final Fantasy
  6. Masashi Kishimoto – Naruto
  7. Osamu Tezuka – Astro Boy
  8. Takeshi Obata – Death Note
  9. Kentaro Miura – Berserk
  10. Rumiko Takahashi – Inuyasha
  11. Eiichiro Oda – One Piece
  12. Naoko Takeuchi – Sailor Moon
  13. Tite Kubo – Bleach
  14. Hiromu Arakawa – Fullmetal Alchemist
  15. Kunihiko Ikuhara – Revolutionary Girl Utena
  16. Go Nagai – Mazinger Z
  17. Shuichi Shigeno – Initial D
  18. Kōji Morimoto – Robot Carnival
  19. Satoshi Kon – Paprika
  20. Hiroyuki Imaishi – Gurren Lagann

The possibilist are endless with Midjourney and users tend to spend a long time trying to find their style of prompting. So play around, you can find good examples on prompt hero too, not to mention the discord server for Midjourney too!

Some Prompt Examples when Using Midjourney

We know it can be quite hard when coming up with prompts for Midjourney, heck it can be hard coming up with prompts for any AI generator. Due to the complicated nature we have included some examples of complete prompts for you to use. Please feel free to add/remove words from them and of course play around with them a little.

We would love for you to show us your completed work, why not reach out to us on our social accounts!

Want to Create Photo Realistic Images of Celebrities?

Chris Hemsworth chilling in a café made with midjourney

Let’s face it this is one of the most asked questions when people want to create ART with Midjourney of course it does come with some controversy do you remember the image with the pope in a jacket? Well Thanks to Neonforge on Medium now you can create images of your favourite celebs in a café! (if that’s your cup of tea that is ^_^).

So you want to create your very own images? well here is the prompt. Just replace [NAME OF CELEBRITY] with the celebrity you wish to see in the image.

medium-full shot of [NAME OF CELEBRITY] with a warm smile, sitting in a charming soho cafe filled with plants, looking out the window as people walk by, natural afternoon light shining through the windows & reflecting off eyeglasses, shot on Agfa Vista 200, side-angle view, 4k –ar 16:9 –stylize 50 –v 5

Scary right? Midjourney is by far the most advanced text to image service when it comes to photo realism.


So there we have it our simple basic Midjourney Cheat Sheet. It has been designed to help you, the user get a basic understanding of Midjourney. In the near future we might create a more in depth guide on how to create more advanced prompts with Midjourney, so remember to keep an eye open for it.

If you would like us to create a guide for you or perhaps talk about a certain subject then please do leave a comment below, we might be able to arrange something for you.

Now, go out there and get creating some beautiful amazing Midjourney art with our Midjourney cheat sheet prompt guide for beginners. Why not check out our guide on how to use Midjourney as a complete beginner.

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