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How to Use ChatGPT to Create Acceptable Content on Your Blog

Use ChatGPT as your content creator
You can use ChatGPT to help you create blog posts

Are you a website owner? Struggling to create content for your website? Well good news Google has actually let us all know that they allow writers to use Artificial intelligent (AI) tools in the creation of their content. Such tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion can be used to create content. As long as it is used in a user-friendly manner and is enjoyable for readers to read.

Google is not going to penalize you for using AI chatbots to generate some of your content. But we doe believe if you abuse the system to rank higher on google you might expect to see some of your pages deindexed. Over optimization and boring articles are some of the example of inappropriate use of AI.

Google has always been a strong believer in good content for it’s users. Turns out people have been using AI for many years especially when it comes to content writing. So just ensure the type of content it’s generating is of high qaulity and follows googles standards.

The best rule of thumb to go buy when creating content is to ask yourself the following:

  • Is my content easy to understand and read for the target audience
  • Is it engaging with the audience
  • Is it suitable for my audience
  • Do I have a passion for this niche

If you answer yes to all of the above then you are off to a good start. Please note that having the best intentions are not good enough, not anymore. You need to understand how to use these AI chat bots to your advantage. We brief brushed on this on how to create great content with ChatGPT, it offers some advice on how to produce better content.

Don’t forget to not break any of the rules google has set out! That means no deceptive content, no thin content and no abuse of the search engine algorithms.

We Show You How to Use ChatGPT To Create Content For Your Website 

Before we even begin to think about ChatGPT it is important that we follow the basic fundamentals of creating original content. This is an essential skill to have when writing for an online audience. You can’t just expect to take an article re-spin it and hope for the best. This is what is known as duplicate content and should be heavily avoided.

Once you have obtained these skills you can implement them into your ChatGPT prompts. This is how a true prompt engineer thrives within the writing industry. A prompt engineer is someone who crafts prompts in a clever way in order to give better AI generated results.

Some Unique Ways To Generate Original Content Using ChatGPT 

You might be thinking that “oh all I need to do to create original content is avoid AI detection” WRONG. Just because your content can avoid AI detection does not mean it is good content. AI detection relies on a set of rules, so in theory if you were poor at spelling and grammar it’s going to think your content was not created using AI. You want to provide unique value and information that covers the subject topic as a whole.

Without a doubt ChatGPT can quite easily create original content. This is due to it’s massive amount of data and processing power. It can spin a sentence any way it likes and if you give ChatGPT a role and some characteristics it’s going to do it in a rathe unique way. But the value it produces can come across as boring, untrue and at sometimes a little bit “samey”. This is most likely down to the simple fact that ChatGPT lacks human traits.

Let’s take new writers as an example they tend to head over to google and will search a certain term i.e “How do you make bread”. They will then get hold of the article and start to attempt at re-writing it in their own personal style. Now because they are in experience 9/10 times it’s pretty much the same as the original article. There is no unique stories to be told or even perspectives from the writer. So in essence this gives no new value to the reader so it gets a big thumbs down from google. In reality it can come across like it’s trying to mimic someone else’s content.

In order to avoid this we have a few brief methods you should use when writing your articles. This will help to create high quality articles on your website that are enjoyable for the reader.

Analyze Data From Multiple Sources

This is by far the most important step when you being your joinery on creating unique content for your own website. Failure to do is, is really positioning you for a fail. You will want to google your keywords, just like the noobs do. But you will also want to gather a lot of data, facts about the subject, certain things you believe the reader would like to know. Go deep into the search records. You want as much information as you can gather, just make sure you fact check it, no one likes fake news.

If you provide high quality information to your readers google will reward you for it. So get out there and obtain all the data ready to be place onto your article.

Conduct Experiments

Now this step can be a tough one, it may require some initial investment or for you to locate people in your niche that have performed certain experiments. This is an important step if you are trying to advertise a physical product.

You may have noticed this in the tech niche where users will test out the latest gadgets and in trun leave their reviews about them. This is indeeed unique content and if you can get hold of this kind of content it will be very beneficial for your website.

If you are however just advertising about written content, then the proof is in the writing. Try to give examples in your writing, it will provide a unique perspective into your article. This is something google loves, so try to keep adding unique content to your site.

Ask The Community of Your Niche

This is something of websites forget to do. There are huge communities out there for pretty much everything. We personally use Reddit for some of our work. You can go to a community and ask a simple question and be flooded with information for your article.

Sure some of it might be false, negative etc. But that’s part of the job, you weed through the nonsense and put the facts on your website. It’s all part and parcel of creating a website that has unique content. It’s not easy work, remember that.

How to Use ChatGPT With The Above Methods

You could just forget about ChatGPT and use the methods we have mentioned above on your own to create unique content for your website. But where would the fun be in that? This article is about using ChatGPT to your advantage to create high quality engaging AI content. So let’s do that!

Summarize The Collected Raw Data 

First we want to find some Raw Data, this comes in form of an article that you might have read that really hits some key notes. You are going to want to give this raw data to ChatGPT, copy the article and paste it into ChatGPT.

“Can you summarize the following article for me “insert article”

ChatGPT will then give you a summarized response of the data you have presented it with.

Might as well stick with breadmaking for this one 😅

Using ChatGPT to summarize content
ChatGPT’s has summerized our content for us

You should ensure you read the raw data first so that ChatGPT doesn’t hallucinate and give you fake information again. It has a habbit to do that from time to time.

Stuck On What Experiments to Perform? Why not Ask ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a great way of being a personal assistant. So if you are at all stuck with a certain task or a subject you can just ask this AI chat bot. It tends to come up with some pretty sound advice. Just double check it’s facts, seriously.

Here is an example of a prompt that has been put together of this purpose:

“Suggest (5) experiments that I should perform to test the (performance, speed, usability, etc) of the (product). This teast is going to be included in an online article so please ensure it has ideas that people would be interested in seeing”

Yes we again stuck with bread, why not? let’s keep it relevant.

ChatGPT creating experiments with bread
ChatGPT has in turn given us experiments we can do to test the performance of bread. Performance really isn’t the word we should have asked it.

Or if you want to lean a little bit on the crazy side why not try:

“Suggest (5) Crazy experiments that I should perform to test the (performance, speed, usability, etc) of how bad the (product) is. This test is going to be included in an online article so please ensure it has ideas that people would be interested in seeing. When providing me with a list of experiments nothing is off the table, be as crazy as possible”

Using ChatGPT-Generated Content on Your Website
Some crazy tests chatGPT came up with when testing bread.

As you can see from the above image ChatGPT can be a bit experimental and fun at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to test bread in these kind of ways?

Let ChatGPT Generate Engaging Questions for Your Niche Communities

When it comes to engaing with an audience there are multiple ways you can go about doing this. But do you really want to sit up all night thinking of the perfect engaging tweet of DM? Why not get ChatGPT to do all hard work for you, heck once it’s finished generating a response you can even re word it if you don’t think it’s perfect enough.

Here are some example prompts you can use to create engaging messages for your target audience:

“Create 5 questions about (product) that people would want to answer, these questions need to be interesting”

“Suggest 5 unique polls about (product) that I could use to create interesting data on my article”

Please be aware you need to ensure that you have provided your session with an article or data to work with or you will need to change the prompts above example of this is:

“Suggest 5 unique polls about (product) that I could use to create interesting data on baking bread from home”

You can be quite creative with your prompts too. If you want ChatGPT to respond in a certain way why not ask it to.

The best way to engage with your audience is to act like you are seeking help. Poeple love to help others, they hate a know it all. So when you present your questions and polls act live you want advice and help.

You will then inturn want to use these question responses as unique content for your web articles or blog posts. Heck you can even take screen shots of them and share them around for more social engagement.

Can you use ChatGPT to Improve SEO?

Now this is a bit of a grey area. When it comes to creating unique content it can be a great aid to have. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it falls behind, seriously. This is why people tend to get advice on SEO services and may at times outsource to other companies. Althought you can learn SEO on your own and follow simple practices to ensure you have the best chance at ranking your website.

The main problem we have with ChatGPT is that it is trained on old data so when it comes to keywords and popular recent topics it will not be aware of them, sure you can pre-feed it raw data to combat this. But at that point you might as well have just written the whole article yourself.

In reality using ChatGPT for certain aspects of SEO can harm your website, fake information and irrelevant keywords or use of spam like techniques can cause a lot of issues down the line.

You should never over rely on ChatGPT to create content for your website. So called gurus online might tell you to create 1000’s of articles for your website with this new AI bot and hope you make money. It doesn’t work like that and never has, if it has it has quickly been removed. Why put months worth of work into a website if it’s going to be deindexed in 6 months? Google will find out eventually, don’t try to beat the game.

When using ChatGPT try not to break any of the following rules:

  1. Spammy Pages.
  2. Keyword Stuffing.
  3. Duplicate Content.
  4. Auto-Generated Content.
  5. User-Generated Spam.
  6. Low-Quality Content.
  7. Hidden Text or Links.

Sure ChatGPT can create content for your website but without you adding your own unique touch style and content to it, well it’s going to fall flat on it’s face.

One important key fact to take home from this article is that you really need to know when and when not to use this AI content creation tool. If you think you are going to just head over to open ai’s website and type “create me a 5000 word article about feet” and rank number one for it. Well you can think again. This is not what google want’s to see in it’s search engine so we highly advise you avoid it.


Just like everything, you should always use things in moderation. So if you want ChatGPT to create content for your website then use it in moderation. Some of the steps we provided above are great ways to use this new technology to your advantage without ruining the experinece for the reader.

So remember next time you create contentwith ChatGPT that you read it through and ensure it is providing the best experience for people visitng your website.

What do you think about using ChatGPT to create content for your website? Do you personally use this kind of AI tool or do you stay away from it? we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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