AI Generated Art Appreciation Post August 2023


Here are our top 5 picks of AI generated art For August 2023

If you are a fan of AI generated art then we have created a brand new series we are going to share with our readers on a monthly basis. Each image will come complete with a prompt and what was used to create the image. So please be sure to check out our website every month for our latest appreciation posts!

Number 5: Good VS Evil



Tool used: Midjourney 4

Number 4: Cyberpunk Girl

Cyberpunk Girl

Prompt: masterpiece, concept art, close shot, highly detailed, centered, 1girl in a (shiny color dress) standing in the rain, dreamy cyberpunk girl, cyberpunk art style, cyberpunk beautiful girl, cyberpunk girl, model girl, cyberpunk vibe, beautiful digital artwork, bright cyberpunk glow, cyberpunk vibrant colors, neon rainy cyberpunk setting, cyberpunk vibes, neon rain, cyberpunk art ultrarealistic 8k, has cyberpunk style

Tool Used: Stable Diffusion

Number 3: Halloween Came Early

Halloween came early

Prompt: mid shot, masterpiece, highly detailed, dynamic angle, most beautiful artwork in the world, illustration, cinematic light, fantasy, highres, highest quallity, ultra detailed, best quality, masterpiece, (detailed face), sexy mature woman wears a shirt and fullbody (galaxy) cloths coat, floating cloth, choker, glowing (elder underworld fantasy) forest plants with neon details, open shoulders, tiny glowing butterfly, hair jewery, wearing a witch hat, (focus on body:1.25), night, small mutated animals in background, skirt, black stocking, a potion on hip, shoulder pads emitting magic energy, cameltoe, dark, light reflection

Tool used: Stable Diffusion

Number 2: DieselPunk

diesel punk


Dieselpunk style , A teenage Boy, . Retrofuturism, art deco, mechanized armor, gritty adventurer aesthetic

Negative prompt: (Futuristic, sleek, clean, minimalist, synthetic materials, white)

Tool used: Stable Diffusion

Number 1: A Hint of Realism

a hint of realism

Prompt: a girl in black wears an asian robe posing for a photo, in the style of artgerm, historical genre scenes, shige’s visual aesthetic style, dark, muted colors, urban grittiness, uhd image, zeng chuangxing –ar 69:128 –s 750 –v 5.2

Tool used: Midjourney 5

There we have it our top 5 rated AI generated images for August 2023! Let us know in the comments below which on you liked the most!

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