AI Generative Art Tool Midjourney V5 is Here

hands created in midjourneyv5

Create Amazing AI Generated art with MidjourneyV5

Midjourney V5 is here but can it create hands?
This image was created using MidjourneyV5 see tweet

You heard it right Midjourney V5 is finally here. The AI scene is moving at breakneck speed. The gold rush is among us and everyone is selling wrapped API apps. Little bit disappointing but it’s progress no? If you are a huge fan of AI Generated Images then you are going to love the latest news from the Midjourney team.

There has been rumours circling all week in regards to a recent update to the well loved and known midjourney app. Those rumours were clarified on the 15th of March 2023! V5 is now available for users to use.

AI Generative Advancements

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI art generators on the market, this is down to it’s style of artwork and images it creates. It similar to stable diffusion but uses it’s own base models to create a unique style that Midjourney users love.

Midjourney has the ability to create a wide range of images and with it’s release of V5 it has alot of the AI art community Fan boy/girling. Please note the V5 is classed as an alpha realease so it’s just for testing purposes at the moment. According to an announcement, it supports a “Much wider stylistic range and more responsive to prompting,”. This includes more detailed images, and twice the image resolution of the previous version. So it’s causing quite a buzz in the art community. If you would like to learn how to use Midjourney V5 we show you how here.

So How can you try out MidjourneyV5

If you already have an account with Midjourney then head over to the discord server. If you want to use Version 5 of Midjourney then there are 2 ways to achieve this in their discord server. Run the prompt /settings. Or you can add a suffix --v 5 at the end of your image prompts. That’s all there is too it.

Midjourney V5 is here
Example of Prompt: /settings

But can it create hands?

Let’s face it AI is pretty bad at feet and hands. With midjourneyV5 will we finally see some well crafted hands? or is it going to be a repeat of Version4. Well we had a quick skim on twitter to se what some users had created.

Creating AI art with this AI generative tool
User @dreamingtulpa seemed to have a little success

It seems that Midjourney has had some improvements and it might not be perfect right now but it is slowly getting there. We also have an image example from BoredGeekz. Their comments are exactly what we feel like. It’s improved, it has more of an understanding of hands but could be better.

Midjourney is doing it's rounds on twitter.
Image from @boredgeekz

Please be aware that Midjourney is not free to use and requires a subscription to create AI Generated images. It is also not opensource and private. It is speculated that the technology used is based off of stable diffusion. If you need help using Midjourney then why not check out our Midjourney cheat sheet

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