Is This Article Real Or Just Another Deepfake?


AI Deepfake Technology Is Improving and It’s Scammers That are Reaping the Benefits

Oh Btw this article is real – just thought we would grab your attention – it is very human like.

Deepfakes can be used for fun but scammers are exploiting this new tech.
Deepfakes can be used for fun but scammers are exploiting this new tech.

Well hello again readers. Today, we’re delving into the world of AI deepfake technology and the sneaky scams that come with it. Brace yourselves, because scammers are using this powerful tech to trick people with fake voices and images. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with some helpful tips to keep you safe and secure!

So What Is Deepfake Technology?

AI deepfake technology is like magic, well robotic magic – it can create super-realistic videos, images, and audio recordings. But here’s the catch – it can also be used for evil! Scammers are taking advantage of this tech to impersonate your loved ones, colleagues, or even authority figures.

Imagine if you could create an video of anyone in the world. Now you can add their human voice to the video. Cool right? what if you could make this person send a disturbing message or exploit someone for money? not so cool right? Now can you see why this new technology might be getting exploited.

So Why Are Scammers Using Deepfakes

So, how does it work? Well, the scammers use AI deepfake tech to whip up fake calls, messages, or emails that look and sound just like the real deal. They pretend to be someone you trust – a friend, family member, or even your boss. Sneaky, right?

And what’s their goal? To get their hands on your personal information, like passwords, bank details, or social security numbers. They might also ask you to send money, buy gift cards, or make payments for fake emergencies, taxes, fines, or fees. It’s a real-life digital con!

Users have started using generative AI to create these deepfakes. We have seen some users use stable diffusion to create realistic images of famous people and even use it to create videos.

This image was created with stable diffusion
Some AI Generative Images look almost life like – image created with stable diffusion

Some Examples of These Scams Being Used

These AI deepfake scams are getting trickier by the day. Check out some real-life examples from the web search results:

  • A UK energy company CEO got scammed out of €220,000 when a fraudster used AI to mimic his boss’s voice.
  • A guy from Kerala lost Rs 40,000 after getting a WhatsApp call from a scammer who imitated his friend’s voice using AI.
  • A woman had £350,000 stolen by a crafty scammer who created fake video calls and images using AI during a two-year online relationship.

How To Protect Yourself From These AI Scams

Now, you might be wondering, “How can I protect myself from these sneaky scammers?” Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some savvy tips to stay safe:

Watch out for unexpected and urgent calls, messages, or emails asking for personal info or money. Verify the sender’s identity before responding or clicking on any links or attachments.

If you get a call from someone you know, but they sound weird or ask for something strange, hang up and call them back using a different number or method. Ask them some personal questions only they would know the answers to – scammers won’t stand a chance!

If you get a video call from someone you know, but something feels off, ask them to do something only a real person could do. Like moving their head in a certain way or showing you their surroundings. Scammers can’t fake that, well yet anyway.

If you’re in an online relationship with someone you haven’t met in person, be cautious about sharing personal or financial info. Don’t send them money or gifts without meeting face-to-face first. And use reverse image search tools to check if their photos are legit.

Keep your devices and accounts super secure! Use strong passwords, antivirus software, and two-factor authentication. Don’t share your passwords with anyone or use the same one for multiple accounts. And if you spot any suspicious activity, report it ASAP.

Deepfakes can mimic famous people
Deepfakes can mimic famous people


Knowledge is power! Educate yourself and others about AI deepfake tech and the risks it poses. Stay updated on cybercrime trends and learn how to spot and report fake content.

So, there you have it! AI deepfake technology can be both amazing and risky. But armed with knowledge and vigilance, you can outsmart those sneaky scammers and keep yourself and your loved ones safe from their digital tricks. Stay sharp out there!

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