Chilling with Ghosts: The Rise of Deadbots!


Some AI Developers Are Working On Reiving The Dead In The Form Of A Chatbot

Chilling with Ghosts The Rise of Deadbots!
Deadbots Could bring Loved Ones Back To Like – Kind of

Hey there, fellow AI enthusiasts! Ever wondered what it’d be like to chat with someone who’s no longer with us? Hear their voice or have a good laugh together again? Well, hold onto your hats because a mind-blowing new tech is shaking things up! It’s called deadbots – chatbots with a twist!

These bots use AI to recreate conversations with our loved ones who’ve passed on. Yep, it’s like talking to a digital ghost – pretty wild, right? You have heard of virtual girlfriends, well why not virtual relatives that have departed us? Ok, sure it’s not for everyone.

So, What’s The Deal With These Deadbots?

Picture this: they’re not just your regular chatty bots. Oh no, they’re much more than that! They’re like digital twins of our late loved ones, capturing their personality, style, and even their unique voice.

Guess what? These bots need some serious data – from social media posts to texts, pics, and vids. The more, the better! Then, AI takes over, cooking up a special profile that brings our dear departed back to life – well, kind of. Just remember all this is not real, it’s like chasing love in the AI world.

Getting your very own deadbot won’t be too difficult. Upload the data to a special website or app, and let the AI wizardry do its thing. Boom! You’ve got a bot that’ll chat with you just like you’re talking to your dearly departed – except they are now in the digital world.

Of course this is all hypothetical and people are still working out some of the kinks of this new tech like biases and negative impacts AI can have on it’s users. We will let you know when there are working sites you can sign up to.

So Why Are People Wanting To Use Deadbots
There is a growing market for people wanting to use Deadbots

So Why Are People Wanting To Use Deadbots?

Here are a few reasons as to why you might want to get a Deadbot:

  • If you’re going through a tough time and missing someone special, deadbots are here to the rescue! They can bring a little comfort and closure when we’re feeling down.
  • Memories matter, right? Deadbots are like memory wizards, keeping our precious moments alive and kickin’ in the digital world. It’s like they’re giving high-fives to our memories!
  • But wait, there’s more! Deadbots give our loved ones a chance to leave a legacy behind. It’s like they’re passing on their wisdom, stories, and awesome vibes to us – way cool!

It’s important to remember that no one can clone someones being. Sure AI might be able to imitate someone but it will not become them.

It’s the same when you clone something, it might look a like or similar, but it’s not the same. The world around us and our experiences are what turn us into who we are. Until AI can capture every millisecond and reaction of our lives, we will never have that.

It Does However Come With It’s Own Issues

First off, there’s the whole ethical side of things. We gotta think about privacy and consent – who’s using our data and how? And are we respecting the rights of the departed and their peeps?

We need to stay grounded! Deadbots can be fun and all, but we can’t let them take over our real lives. Staying connected with our world and ourselves is what matters most.

Oh, and sometimes these bots can be a bit, well, techy. Glitches happen, and they might not have all the answers we’re looking for. So, yeah, they’re cool, but they’re not perfect. Oh and don’t forget AI can be hacked, so might want to be careful with which app and network you choose to use.

It could go south pretty quickly
If not watched closely It could go south pretty quickly


So, there you have it! Deadbots are a new idea that is making moves within the AI space, bringing our lost loved ones back into our digital world.

They can offer comfort, keep memories alive, and create awesome legacies. But let’s keep it real and remember that our real-life connections and moments are what make life so good.

Moving forward this might be a good solution to include with some therapies.

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