AI Influencers: The Virtual Celebs Taking Over Social Media!


They Are Creepy, Weird and Strange But Mange To Pull a Huge Audience

AI Influencers The Virtual Celebs Taking Over Social Media!
AI Influencers The Virtual Celebs Taking Over Social Media!

Ready to meet the hottest stars on the internet right now? Say hello to AI influencers – these aren’t your regular human celebs! They’re computer-generated personalities ruling the virtual world on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

They Look Human, But They’re Not! So, these AI influencers are like virtual celebs with their own style and vibe. They started popping up around 2014 (That long ago!), and boy, have they taken the internet by storm! With over 150 of them now, some have MILLIONS of followers – yup, that’s right! Yet some us struggle to even get over 100 followers.

Meet the Big Shots!

We’ve got some major AI influencers making waves!

  • First up, Lil Miquela – a Brazilian-American model and singer.
  • Then, there’s Shudu – the world’s first digital supermodel, strutting her stuff for Balmain, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, and Ellesse!
  • Don’t forget Lu do Magalu, a virtual sales pro for a Brazilian magazine, who even rocked the Brazilian version of Big Brother!

We find this whole thing pretty crazy. The main reason is you can tell these are created with AI, we are still far from creating realistic people with every ai generation. But who knows where we might be in the next few years. Scary world.

Let’s be honest here if AI can take over Hollywood it can sure as hell try to take over social media. Maybe it might be a good thing less drama right?

This image was created with AI in the style of an instagram influencer
This image was created with AI in the style of an Instagram influencer

Show Me the Money!

Just like human influencers, AI influencers are cashing in too! Brands are splurging an unbelievable billion son influencer marketing.

So, how do these digital stars make bank? By teaming up with brands, promoting stuff, and creating sponsored content. Oh, and they’ve got some superpowers too – they’re cost-effective, scalable, consistent, and diverse!

Would you be interested in creating your very own AI robot? Sure an AI image is easy to create but who about a fully functional robot, now that would be something else.

AI Influencer Campaigns

Let’s talk jaw-dropping campaigns! Lil Miquela teamed up with Prada for Milan Fashion Week and even shared the screen with Bella Hadid in a Calvin Klein ad! 🔥 Shudu’s been killing it for Balmain, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, and Ellesse! 🎊 And Lu do Magalu? Well, he’s made friends with Samsung, Netflix, and Coca-Cola – talk about rubbing shoulders with the cool kids!

Pros and Cons of AI Influencers

Get ready for the real talk! AI influencers bring some major perks for brands and fans alike. For brands, they score higher engagement because they’re unique and exciting. Plus, they’re like chameleons – brands can style them any way they want! Oh, and it’s easy peasy to keep an eye on them. No drama, scandals, or controversies to worry about! Unless the AI artists decides to make that stuff up.

The fans seems to be all about the fun, creativity, and inspiration. These AI influencers create content that gets them going! Here at So Artificial we don’t really see the appeal, but each to their own.

One issue we might come across is people falling in love with these so called AI models. That is indeed a recipe for disaster. Since times are changing and our world is pushing ever closely to being run by AI maybe it’s about time we embrace AI, or maybe not.

This image was created with Midjourney
This image was created with Midjourney


Time to tackle some tough stuff. AI influencers can’t please everyone! Some people crave the real deal and think AI celebs are a bit phony. Trust issues, you know? While AI influencers seem squeaky clean, they might not follow all the rules like human influencers do. Let’s be honest – they can’t beat the warmth and connection of a real human sharing their stories with us.

So, there you have it – the AI influencer frenzy! They’re taking over social media, raking in the big bucks, and blowing minds with their content. But like with any cool new thing, there are some challenges to consider. As AI influencers keep evolving, we’ve got to think about trust, authenticity, and how they play by the rules.

Let’s face it AI has been used for both bad and good things in the past. So you should always proceed with caution when dealing with AI generated content. That goes for both visual and audio.

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