Worldcoin: Scanning Eyeballs to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency and Digital Identity


An Ambitious Venture by Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Aims to Verify Every Human on Earth

Worldcoin Scanning Eyeballs to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency and Digital Identity
Scanning Eyeballs one at a time – the new scamcoin sorry worldcoin.

Are you ready to dive into the shady but slightly exciting world of crypto and AI? Well today we are going to explore Sam Altman’s groundbreaking project: Worldcoin.

Picture this: a cryptocurrency and digital identity venture that wants to scan your eyeballs to verify your identity! Say what?! Yes, you heard that right. Worldcoin’s mission is to create a super reliable and scalable system to distinguish us humans from those pesky AI beings online. But don’t worry, they promise to preserve your privacy while unlocking access to various services and there is a lot of talk about universal basic income! – so what Sam’s into communism now?

How in the world does it work

Well, they’ve got this funky gadget called the Orb – a spherical scanner that captures your iris and magically transforms it into a unique code representing your identity. Your coolness doesn’t end there, my friend! For participating, they shower you with free Worldcoin tokens – their very own cryptocurrency! Cha-ching!

They plan to scan the irises of 8 billion people! That’s like, practically the entire planet! Their aimis to create a global digital identity system that should help to prevent fraud, verify online transactions, and even provide social welfare. But wait, there’s more! Worldcoin also promises to respect your privacy, and they solemnly swear not to share or sell your data without your say-so. Pinky promise! Yeah, sure they do.

Now, here’s the fun part. With these shiny new Worldcoin tokens, you can trade, invest, or access a whole bunch of nifty services and opportunities offered by Worldcoin and their partners. It’s like having your very own digital treasure chest! But hold up, before you jump onboard this crypto rollercoaster, there are some risks and challenges you need to know about.

A Recipe for Destruction

Let’s face it, with all the fancy tech, Worldcoin might face some technical hiccups. Like, imagine the Orb malfunctioning, getting hacked, or worse, your precious iris image getting corrupted! Not cool! Then there’s the ethical side. Collecting biometric data from millions of people? Hmm, that could lead to some tricky dilemmas and potential misuse of data.

And you know how the world can be. Introducing a whole new digital identity and currency system might stir up some social drama. We’re talking about possible exclusions and inclusions based on this new identity, or the currency causing new inequalities.

But hey, kudos to Worldcoin! They’ve already scanned over 2 million people in 33 countries! That’s impressive, right? And they’ve got big plans to deploy 1,500 Orbs worldwide by 2024. Talk about a global takeover!

But, life is full of uncertainties, my friend. Worldcoin has some hurdles to overcome – regulatory red tape and competing with other digital identity and currency projects. Tough competition!

Looks like scamcoin is collecting eyes
Sams collecting eyes

So What Do We Think?

What a load of nonsense. We think the whole idea behind it is ridiculous. The whole project screams communism and control. Which is something a lot of us are trying to run away from. We want freedom of our lives.

There is a reason why Eye scanners aren’t popular. They are pretty bad. Scanning someones eye requires good ligting if you don’t you will need to resubmit your eye scan. Oh and btw if you take a scan with glasses or contacts on you will need to make sure they are on for every scan.

Another issue is that it’s easy to steal a scan of someone’s iris and use it. So there is a massive security risk here. Not to mention it’s connected to crypto so, yeah, scam probably.

Here at So Artificial we write about AI, so we are kind of forced to write about garbage from time to time too. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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