Google Bard Chatbot Gears Up for Release with Exciting Features Under Development

Google Bard Chatbot Gears Up for Release with Exciting Features Under Development
Google Bard Chatbot Gears Up for Release with Exciting Features Under Development
Bard is powering up

As anticipation builds for the official launch of the Google Bard AI assistant, leaked information has surfaced, offering a sneak peek into the exciting features currently in development. The UI glimpse was accompanied by details about features codenamed ‘Motoko,’ ‘Gallery,’ ‘Tasks,’ and ‘Power Up.’ While the official release date remains undisclosed, these revelations provide a tantalizing preview of what users can expect.

Little is known about the ‘Motoko’ feature, except that it involves creating bots. Speculation suggests it could resemble OpenAI’s custom GPTs, providing users with the ability to tailor AI interactions to their specific needs.

The ‘Gallery’ feature is touted as a platform for users to explore different topics and discover the capabilities of Google Bard. It is anticipated to showcase example prompts based on various subjects, offering users insights into the breadth of the AI assistant’s functionalities.

While the functionality of the ‘Tasks’ feature remains a mystery, early speculation suggests it could be designed for managing and executing long-running processes. For instance, users might utilize this feature for tasks that require extended processing time, such as generating a photo.

A newly spotted sharing option indicates that users will be able to create public links to share their Bard queries with others. This feature not only facilitates collaboration but also allows users to customize the shared link’s background and foreground elements.

The ‘Power Up’ feature appears to empower users to refine their prompts for more accurate and precise outcomes. This functionality suggests that users can leverage AI assistance to enhance their search queries, particularly helpful for those seeking assistance in crafting effective prompts.

Power Up Enhancing Prompts for Precision

As Google Bard prepares for its official debut, the uncovered features hint at a versatile and dynamic AI assistant. From custom bot creation to exploring diverse topics and managing tasks efficiently, Google Bard seems poised to offer users a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. The leak provides an exciting glimpse into the potential capabilities of Google Bard, leaving users eager for its official release.

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