OpenAI’s (ChatGPT) rival Stable Diffusion maker seeks to raise funds

create your very own male characters using stable diffusion

Stable Diffusion has an Estimated $4 Billion Valuation Due to Rumours in the AI Space

Female Character Created using stable diffusion
This is a Female Character Created Using Stable Diffusion

Let’s face it, right now Artificial Intelligence is a booming industry, everyone is racing to create the best AI tools on the market. So it’s no surprise that Stable Diffusion is looking for investors.

The parent company of Stable Diffusion (AI tool for making AI generated Images and such) is apparently seeking to raise money with a valuation of around $4 billion. That is huge. Please note this is pure speculation and nothing is set in stone yet. But we would not be surprised with the current situation AI is in. It is not clear how much capital Stability AI Ltd. has.

Stability AI London Based Company

It may come as as surprise to some but Stability AI is situated in London England, it’s investors list include Coatue Management and Lightspeed Venture Partners. They last raised $101 million at a valuation of about $1 Billion according to a Bloomberg News report back in October 2022. So it’s a big chunk of money that has been raised for this AI company.

Representatives for Stability AI didn’t provide a comment

There has been a large increase in interest in the Artificial Intelligence space This has of course lead to a large amount of investment from interested parties. It’s become a race to outperform the current competition, everyone wants a piece of the pie. It’s looking more and more like the next gold rush, so we wouldn’t surprise if we hear more big news over the coming months.

Large Companies Peak Interest in Artificial Intelligence

Just in January (2022) Microsoft Corp invested $10 Billion in OpenAI (The Parent Company of ChatGPT). OpenAI is the current leader in text generation technology. They also provide services that can create images with their Dalle 2 Technology. Due to such interest in OpenAI we may see more investors move from this company to others over the next few months.

There are other tech giants trying to catch up too. Names like Alphabet Inc.(google), Amazon (with their AWS servers), Meta are all trying to launch their own creations. So it’s going to be fun to watch who ends up coming on top. It’s becoming a money game more and more each day and guess who’s making a killing along the way? that’s right Nvidia!

Stable Diffusion Competes With OpenAI’s Dall-E 2

Here at So Artificial we are routing for Stable Diffusion (SD) it’s what we use to create our images! Check out our Cheat Sheet. Why do we use SD? The main reason is that it can be ran locally and isolated on your own PC. This gives users the freedom to create their own images without restriction. Which is shame for OpenAI because it does not come across very “open”.

For those unfamiliar with AI Generative Images it’s quite simple. Text to Image is what these tools use. So you would create your very own prompt like: “Man fishing on the ice lake of mars” and then Stable diffusion will try to create an image for you. There are even Prompt Engineers that will create the perfect prompt to generate an image for you too!

The main difference between Stable Diffusion and OpenAI is SD is Open-Source and available to the public. Have you tried Stable diffusion or Dalle2 before or perhaps other competitors like Midjourney? If so let us know in the comments, who do you think is going to come on top of this?

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