AI and Humor: Laughing with Artificial Intelligence


Can AI Really Make Us Laugh or Are We Along Way From It

AI and Humor Laughing with Artificial Intelligence (2)
AI and Humor Does it work?

Imagine if we could live in a world where AI and humor collide! I know it sounds silly doesn’t it? but at the rate that this new technology is evolving, you never know AI might just be able to crack a good joke.

So let us dive into the captivating realm of “Computational Humour” – a blend of technology, jokes, and lots of giggles!

The Science Behind the Laughter

Humor is like a secret language that connects us all. And guess what? AI is trying to master it too! Computational humor is a cool branch of AI that studies how to generate, understand, and appreciate jokes using computers. It’s like a mix of language magic, computer smarts, and good ol’ laughs!

Why On Earth Would We Need AI To Help Us Laugh

Well believe it or not AI has some seriously awesome applications ideas when it comes to humor here is a short list of where it could be implemented:

Making Gadgets Fun

Imagine talking to chatbots, assistants, or robots that crack jokes like your best friend. It would make them less robotic and come across more like a real friend. But don’t fall in love with them, remember they just aint into us.

Funny Learning

Learning can be a blast when AI creates hilarious jokes, stories, cartoons, and games. Who said education can’t be entertaining? Teachers takes notes!

Healing Laughter

AI can even spread joy and happiness by offering humor therapy, helping us manage stress and lift our spirits when we need it most. We have spoken about AI helping with grief too with the aid of deadbots before.

So as you can see there is actually a need for humour in the world of AI. It does help make these robots come across as a little more human too, which is always a good thing.

Can AI really takea joke or is it far too serious (2)
Can Ai create jokes or is it far too serious

Cracking Up with AI: The Making of a Joke

Generating jokes with AI is like solving a puzzle – you need the right pieces to fit together. One way AI does it is by using “templates” – like fill-in-the-blank jokes! For example:

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
X who?

Just swap X and Y with clever words, and you’ve got yourself a knee-slapper! Well, sometimes anyways. AI doesn’t quite get jokes most of the time and can say some really strange things.

This is why it might be best to train AI bots on comedians. But then we have the question of is the AI bot copying someone else’s craft?

Here are some of the ways AI can crack jokes with us:

  • Word Association: Finding words related to each other, so the joke flows smoothly.
  • Word Substitution: Swapping words for synonyms, rhymes, or even opposites to add a twist!
  • Word Play: Playing with words’ multiple meanings or funny sounds to keep us guessing.
  • Incongruity: Creating funny contrasts or surprises that catch us off guard!

But again we ask the developers of AI to train their models correctly. Ai hallucinations can happen at any time and ruin the punchline of a joke.

AI in A Minor” may be the event of the year, but that’s not all AI can do! It can also generate stories, cartoons, memes, and more – the fun never ends!

So How Do We Rate AI Humor?

Measuring humor with AI is a tough job! Since jokes are so personal, AI uses cool tricks like “metrics” to figure out what makes us laugh:

  • Novelty: How original and unexpected the joke is.
  • Fluency: How smooth and grammatically correct the joke sounds.
  • Surprise: How well the joke catches us by surprise.
  • And more! AI gets the data from lots of jokes and cleverly analyzes them to understand what tickles our funny bones.

The main issue with AI is that it doesn’t understand anything. It just follows it’s own algorithms. So it is very good at predicting the next word in a sentence. Now this is an issues when it comes to jokes. Try asking ChatGPT or google bard to tell you a joke this is what our responses were:

Google bard: Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

ChatGPT: Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!

See they can make jokes, not very good ones, but jokes non the less. Let’s face it AI requires human input. So we ask you to rate jokes, rank them, or pick your favourites. When talking to AI to ensure it only shows funny stuff that users like. This should help the algorithm learn what’s funny and what isn’t.

Cracking Up with AI The Making of a Joke (2)
We are a long way away from joke perfection


AI may have its superpowers, but it can never replace our human humor! Instead, AI works alongside us, making our lives funnier and happier. Together, we create a world full of laughter and joy!

So, let’s hope there will be a laugh-filled future with AI’s jokes and humor experiments. It’s a journey where technology meets laughter, creating a world where giggles and smiles reign supreme! Hopefully, fingers crossed right?

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