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Empowering Businesses with AI-Powered Instant Support for Smarter Global Purchasing Enhances AI-Powered Smart Assistant with Instant Help Feature

Empowering Businesses with AI-Powered Instant Support for Smarter Global Purchasing
Ai doesn’t just make images! it has so many other uses! is set to introduce an Instant Help feature to its AI-powered global sourcing tool, Smart Assistant. Leveraging an AI-driven chatbot, the new feature aims to provide real-time insights, answer basic buyer queries, and offer resources to enhance communication between buyers and suppliers. The Instant Help feature is part of’s commitment to leveraging AI advancements in sourcing, empowering small businesses, and facilitating smarter purchasing decisions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Real-Time Assistance: The AI-powered chatbot within Instant Help will offer real-time assistance to buyers, addressing basic questions and providing valuable information across various verticals and product types.
  2. Enhanced Communication: The feature aims to elevate communication between buyers and suppliers, enabling more effective interactions and facilitating smoother transactions.
  3. Smart Purchasing: emphasizes the goal of helping small businesses “purchase smart” by providing valuable insights and resources through the Instant Help feature.
  4. Integration with Smart Assistant: Instant Help joins the existing features of Smart Assistant, including Upgraded Image Search and Smart Request for Quotation (RFQ). These features were launched in September to enhance the platform’s capabilities.
  5. Performance Metrics: Users of Upgraded Image Search have achieved a 28% higher deal closing rate compared to traditional text search users. Smart RFQ users experienced 29% more quotes from suppliers, highlighting the effectiveness of these features.’s Smart Assistant has evolved to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers, incorporating user feedback and industry knowledge. The platform aims to demonstrate the rapid and accurate generation of product requests and images aligned with buyer requirements.

Chris Lu, General Manager at North America, emphasizes that the Smart Assistant, with the addition of Instant Help, is ushering in the next generation of sourcing. The platform seeks to empower small businesses, boost creativity, improve efficiency in matching buyers and sellers, and make sourcing more accessible for all.’s enhancements reflect the company’s commitment to becoming AI-first, recognizing the transformative impact of AI on various sectors. The move aligns with Alibaba Group CEO Eddie Wu’s acknowledgment that disruptions brought about by AI will be a significant change agent in the next decade across industries.

Big companies are adopting AI at such alarming rates. They are not messing around.
Big companies are adopting AI at such alarming rates. They are not messing around.’s introduction of the Instant Help feature to its Smart Assistant underscores the ongoing efforts to leverage AI for the benefit of businesses engaging in global sourcing. By enhancing communication, providing real-time assistance, and promoting smart purchasing decisions, aims to strengthen its position as a leading B2B eCommerce platform, particularly in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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