4 Types of AI: Do You Even Know Artificial Intelligence?

4 types of AI

Oh, hey there, fellow AI enthusiasts! 🤖 Let’s dive into the incredible world of artificial intelligence and explore the four main types that are revolutionizing technology and making life more exciting than ever before!

We can break AI down into 4 key principles: Reactive machines, Limited memory, Theory of mind and self-awareness.

Reactive Machines

So, we’ve got these snazzy reactive machines, which are like the smart and reliable problem-solvers of the AI world. They don’t have memory, but they excel at handling specific tasks. You know, like when Netflix recommends your favourite Korean dramas because it totally gets your viewing history. But don’t expect these machines to predict the future – they’re not fortune tellers, just super helpful!

Remember Deep Blue? That epic chess showdown with Garry Kasparov? Well, that’s a classic example of reactive AI. It’s brilliant at playing chess, but it doesn’t learn from past mistakes. No hard feelings, Deep Blue, we all make moves we regret! 😄

Limited Memory

Moving on to the next level of AI evolution – limited memory AI. These clever algorithms are like our brains’ neurons, getting smarter as they gather more data to train on. They can look back into the past and learn from it. Self-driving cars are the cool kids here, observing and remembering how other cars zip around on the roads. They even know when to switch lanes to avoid any fender benders!

Think of apps like stable diffusion and Midjourney. These are examples of models that have been trained.

The four types of AI
The 4 Types of AI

Theory of Mind

Brace yourselves, folks – we’re talking about future of AI here! 🚀 Theory of mind AI is like the empathetic friend who understands emotions and thoughts. Imagine AI that grasps how others feel and predicts their behaviour. It’s like they’ll have their own little AI social club, understanding human relationships like a pro!

This is something AI “scientists” are working on to try to create an AI chat bot that can interact with other humans like it’s human it self. In a way they are hoping they can create AGI.


Ah yes the grand finale! 🎉 Self-aware AI, the holy grail of artificial intelligence! This type is all about having a sense of self, understanding their existence, and even having feelings. Right now, this type is more like science fiction, but hey, who knows what the future holds? We believe this is the most advanced form of the four types of AI.

Imagine if we could create AI robots that could be self aware have some kind of understanding of their so called thoughts and what they are feeling.

Let’s imagine a robots simple response ofv “I’m hungry!”. With the use of self awareness that response would become would become “I know I am hungry, and I want lasagna because it’s my favourite food!” Oh, lasagna – the true food of AI champions! 😋 Ok it might not sound amazing at the moment, but just you wait and see.

Now For A Pinch Of Realism

let’s be real, we’ve got a long way to go before AI becomes as self-aware as we are. We’re still figuring out the mysteries of the human brain, and that’s a whole other level of complex! But hey, we’ll get there, one byte at a time! 😉

Sure the speed at which AI is growing is quite scary at times. Let’s see where things turn out in a decade or so.

Different types of artificial intelligence

So there you have it, the four types of AI in all their mind-blowing glory! Remember, AI is here to make our lives easier, but it’s not quite ready to challenge us to a dance-off… yet! Stay curious, my AI-loving friends, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries of this amazing technology together! 🤩✨

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