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Google is At It Again Creating Visual Learning AI Tools

RT-2 Unleashing the Power of AI Google's Robots Revolution
RT-2 Is Coming

Hey, fellow tech enthusiasts! Get ready to geek out over the latest Artificial Intelligent (AI) marvel from Google – meet Robotic Transformer 2 (RT-2)! It looks like we are pushing further and further towards the science fiction of things. Jut imagine a robot that can learn from visual input, cool right?

Picture this – RT-2 is not your regular type of robot. It’s an AI whiz that can talk, see, and take action like a person might do. And guess what? It’s learning from both the internet and real-life robot interactions! Google really are pushing boundaries in the AI space, how long will it be before we have a fully working humanoid robot.

So What’s So Great about RT-2

it’s a genius vision-language-action (VLA) model. Think of it like those cool voice-activated virtual assistants, but way cooler!

This new technology has been trained with a bunch of over robots in an kitchen environments for months, to see how it can handle certain situation. You might be thinking well that’s just learned behaviours, sure you’re right. But, there is more it doesn’t just learn from boring old robot stuff, it also learns from the web like we do! Kind of how Bard and ChatGPT comes up with responses.

Here comes the tech behind this new innovative idea! RT-2’s brain is a massive language model. It’s learned tons of stuff from the internet – memes, stories, you name it. But the real party trick? It turns all that brainpower into action! We’re talking about robot moves like changing positions, spinning around, or even grabbing things!

So now we have developers basically implementing Large language models (LLMs) like chat bots into real life working robots. We have seen examples of this kind of tech in the form of AI-Da a robot that can create real life artwork. So this technology isn’t new but it’s becoming more advanced.

An Advanced Real World AI Robot

RT-2’s has this cool feature called chain-of-thought reasoning. Yeah, it’s a fancy name, but it’s like those mind-bending riddles you solve on your own but in robot form. RT-2 can think through problems, like finding something to use as a hammer (hint: a rock might do the trick!) or picking the perfect drink for a tired soul (energy drink, duh!).

This AI solution can do stuff it’s never even seen before! Imagine your robot buddy spotting trash and tossing it away, even if it’s never seen that trash before! No more stepping on banana peels, phew! So basically it’s trying to be more of an AGI style of robot. Weather or not that is possible, only time will tell.

With AI tools appearing on what seems a daily basis like Virtual Girlfriends and even Online AI Influencers, we won’t be surprised if these two types of tools merge together. Some people might joke about people having partners that are AI robots, well with this new technology it might one day happen.

An Advanced Real World AI Robot
Who knows what robots of the future might look like


So why do we like the idea of RT-2? Well, it’s like Google’s given robots a super boost in intelligence. They can now have the potential to explore new places, help us out at home, and be like our robot buddies! It’s all about making robots more human-like and understanding our commands if they want to be mass adopted.

We hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into the robot revolution with RT-2. Brace yourselves, because robots are about to become your new pals, making life way more exciting and fun. RT-2 is like the future knocking on our doors, and it’s one wild adventure you won’t want to miss! Keep your eyes peeled, the AI revolution is just getting started!

One thing to note though is there is issues within AI and if we are creating robots for our homes then some biases need to be addressed in order to ensure everyone lives in harmony with these AI tools.

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