Perplexity The AI Search Engine, Expands Reach with AI-Generated Daily News Podcast

AI has created this image of an ai generated news reader
ai created this image of an ai generated news reader

Perplexity, a rising star in the AI-based search engine landscape, has recently garnered attention by securing over $70 million in funding, including an investment from Jeff Bezos. With a commitment to providing a clean, fast, and ad-free search experience, Perplexity has rapidly attracted more than 10 million monthly active users. In its latest move to showcase its AI capabilities, Perplexity has launched “Discover Daily,” a daily news podcast entirely generated by artificial intelligence (AI), quickly entering Apple’s top 200 news podcasts within its first week.

  • The podcast features brief episodes, each lasting no more than four minutes, delivering concise daily news summaries.
  • Perplexity utilizes ElevenLabs’ customizable AI voice cloning technology to create a synthetic yet pleasant voice for reading the news summaries, resembling a BBC host.
  • News content is sourced from Perplexity’s curated “Discover” feed, offering a streamlined list of key headlines for the day.

AI-Powered Innovation

Perplexity’s foray into AI-generated daily news podcasts serves as a testament to its dedication to making knowledge more accessible and engaging. By leveraging advanced AI voice technology, Perplexity aims to transform the consumption of curated knowledge into an audio format, catering to individuals on the go or those seeking a dynamic way to stay informed.

Market Positioning

Perplexity CEO Aravind Srinivas emphasizes the company’s unique position in the AI assistant segment, asserting that they don’t need to directly challenge Google’s market share to succeed. With a focus on creating new AI-based products and services, Perplexity sees ample opportunities for growth in this evolving space.

Noteworthy Investors

Perplexity’s notable investors include Susan Wojcicki, former CEO of YouTube, and Jeff Dean, Google’s Chief Scientist specializing in AI advancements for Google DeepMind and Google Research. The company’s recent Series B funding announcement highlighted the accomplishment of serving a billion queries in 2023.

this image was created with AI showing how far we have got with image generation

Perplexity’s strategic moves, from securing significant funding to launching innovative AI-generated content like Discover Daily, position it as a formidable player in the AI search engine landscape. As the company continues to gain momentum and explore novel applications of AI, it introduces a fresh perspective on information retrieval and consumption.

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