BackerKit Says No to AI-Created Content in Crowdfunding

BackerKit is not happy about ai created content

Let’s Face It AI Generated Content is Flooding The Market And Not All Of It Is Grade A Content

We’ve got some big news from BackerKit, the crowdfunding platform known for its love of board games and tabletop role-playing games. Starting October 4, 2023, BackerKit is putting its foot down against AI-generated content in projects. Let’s dive into why this decision was made and what it means for the future of crowdfunding!

The main issue we have here is that AI is trained on other peoples work. So in a way it kind of is like creative left. We have had incidents where peoples work has clearly been copied. Heck even artists signatures have shown up in some of these generated images. We saw only recently that Japan pushed for more regulation to protect it’s anime/manga industry. So this is currently a hot topic that is ever changing.

Why Ban AI-Generated Content?

BackerKit isn’t just any crowdfunding platform; it’s a hub for creative minds to bring their projects to life. With over 10,000 projects raising a staggering $300 million since 2012, it’s no small player. But it decided to slam the door on AI-generated content after a series of eyebrow-raising incidents. Let’s face it anyone can create their own creative images using AI. It’s scary how good this new technology is becoming.

One such incident that ruffled some feathers was the Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition board game project. It stormed onto Kickstarter in February 2023, amassing over $1.6 million from 20,000 backers. But here’s the twist – some eagle-eyed backers noticed the game’s card art bore an uncanny resemblance to images from AI tools like Artbreeder. The creators confessed to using AI shortcuts instead of hiring human artists, causing quite the stir.

Look even here at So artifical we use AI to create images, but we let our audience know this! and we sure as hell do not charge you for it.

BackerKit, in its blog post, made its stance clear: it’s all about fairness and supporting human creativity. They want to ensure creators get their due credit and compensation for their hard work. Their statement reads:

“At BackerKit, we’re all about creators getting fair rewards for their creative sweat and toil. Due to concerns about AI tools using content without proper compensation or permission, we’ll keep them on a short leash until there’s a system that guarantees fairness in sourcing, permission, and compensation.”

BackerKit’s new policy is crystal clear: AI-generated content has no place here. All content and assets must be of human origin. Creators are even encouraged to disclose if they’ve used AI tools to enhance or tweak their content. If users are using AI to aid in there work is it’s ok if it’s only been used for a small portion of their creation. They give examples in their blog post.

BackerKit vs. Kickstarter

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. BackerKit’s policy stands in stark contrast to its big competitor, Kickstarter. While BackerKit’s slamming the door on AI content, Kickstarter’s door is wide open. Kickstarter hasn’t issued any official statement on the matter, but it expects creators to do their homework when it comes to rights and permissions for their projects.

Sounds to us that Kickstarter just cares about the commission side of things and not about their audience. Only time will tell how this plays out.

What This Means for Crowdfunding

BackerKit’s bold move could shake things up in the crowdfunding world, particularly in the board game and tabletop role-playing game scenes. Here’s what you need to know:

Transparency and Accountability: Creators using AI might have to come clean about their tools, sources, and permissions. They’ll need to play by the rules and potentially pay up for the content they use.

Trust and Satisfaction: Backers, the lifeblood of crowdfunding, might breathe easier knowing they’re supporting genuine human creativity, not AI imitation. They’ll likely be happier with the authenticity and quality of the projects they back.

Differentiation and Competition: BackerKit’s stance could set it apart from Kickstarter and other platforms. Creators and backers who value human creativity and fairness might flock to BackerKit, while Kickstarter could become a playground for AI experimentation.

Inspiring Change: BackerKit’s move might encourage other crowdfunding platforms to follow suit, or perhaps take a different approach to AI-generated content. It could also spark more debates on the ethical, legal, and social aspects of AI’s role in creative industries.

So, there you have it, readers! BackerKit is taking a firm stand for human creativity in crowdfunding. It’s a move that might just change the game in more ways than one. This should be encourage as the last thing we want is a world full of automation. We do need some form of human interaction. We see this as a positive direction

ai is creating rpg style images
The real concern is users create imagery with just AI and profiting off of it.

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